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Crazily modified Austin Se7en Van

The Mini MK1 Austin Se7en Van was produced between 1960 and 1961. The original car features a MK1 slatted grille, 10-inch wheels with 4-inch wide tires, an 848-cc engine, and double swinging doors at the back. The wheelbase of the car has been increased but the size engine bay is still the same with other MK1 Mini. However, this man, Roadrunner 45 from Hawthorn Woods, Illionious, has managed to place a LS1 engine into the engine bay of a 1966 Austin Se7en Van. He has created the “World’s quickest mini” …

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Austin Cars

Austin cars are one of the most famous and most storied car marque for more than a century in automobile industry. Nobody don’t know Austin if they are real car enthusiasts. One of the most notable Austin cars living on planet today is the London taxi which you can see it almost everywhere in London.
Austin (Austin Motor Company) was founded in 1905 by Herbert Austin who was a former manager of the Wolseley Tool and Motor Car Company. Austin was founded at Longbridge, it is also a place where the …