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Classic Car Show Photos

A group of classic car enthusiasts has recently organized a driving trip from Kuala Lumpur to Bujang Valley, a historical complex situated near Merbok, Kedah. The entire trip is approximately 1,000 km (about 621 miles) but all the classic car owners are not afraid of the long distance drive because their cars are well-maintained and they are in tip-top condition. Well, almost all the classic cars are well-kept and they are like brand new from the factory. Some of the antique cars are able to hit a top speed of 180 kmh (111 …

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Austin Healey Replica Kit Car

Austin Healey replica kit car is always an alternative choice to Austin Healey cars lover especially the original cars built by Austin-Healey is indeed very rare nowadays. There are many kit car manufacturers build and sell Austin replica kit car including the Austin-Healey 100, Austin-Healey 3000 (5 models available: 3000 LE, 3000 SL 350, 3000 SSL 383, 3000 SS 350 HO, and 3000 SS/Comp ZZ383), and also Austin-Healey Sprite.

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Austin-Healey Cars

Whether it is original Austin-Healey cars or Austin Haeley replica kit car, Austin-Healey sports cars are always one of the most sought-after classic cars in the automobile market today.
The British car maker Austin-Healey was established in 1952 when Austin did a deal with Donald Healey who was a renowned automotive engineer and designer. Austin-Healey is a car marque famous in making a range of cool sports cars since 1952 until 1972. Marking a 20-year success in British automobile history.