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Unfinished kit cars for sale

As a smart consumer, you should look for unfinished kit cars for sale. It could save lots of money and time to complete the car. Most of the unfinished kit cars are usually half way, owner give up, owner running out of cash, owner lost the interest to completely build up the car, or some other reasons. No matter what the reason is, a man’s offer is always another man’s extravagance. Hence, check out some of the unfinished kit cars and who knows there might be one that spark your …

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Austin Healey Replica Kit Car

Austin Healey replica kit car is always an alternative choice to Austin Healey cars lover especially the original cars built by Austin-Healey is indeed very rare nowadays. There are many kit car manufacturers build and sell Austin replica kit car including the Austin-Healey 100, Austin-Healey 3000 (5 models available: 3000 LE, 3000 SL 350, 3000 SSL 383, 3000 SS 350 HO, and 3000 SS/Comp ZZ383), and also Austin-Healey Sprite.

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32 Ford Coupe Kit Car

Here are some of the best 3-window 32 Ford coupe kit car and 5-window 32 Ford coupe kit cars in the US. It is said that the 1932 Ford cars on the road today is more than Henry Ford’s original production during 1930s. This is because the ’32 Ford cars are one of the coolest and most ideal hot rods in America and that leads to many kit car manufacturers build it and sell across the country as well as export to Canada and Mexico.

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Build a kit car

Here are your delicious steps on how to build a kit car with nice body kit and tips on how to build a high quality drivable kit car in cheapest way. Building kit cars is totally different from buying a car where you just buy and drive. It requires patience, time, and budget to create a real nice car. There are many kits available for everything such as 4 wheels cars, 3 wheel cars, muscle cars, sports cars, exotic cars, and many more. First of everything is choosing what you …

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Fiero kit cars

Here is your luscious A-list of Fiero kit cars pictures, videos, and 3 tips on where to find cheap kit cars for sale especially Fiero based kit cars. The price for any exotic replica cars using Fiero based kit cars is various depends on the quality of the car either professional work or suicidal work. Check out more!

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VW kit cars

Here is your delicious A-list of VW kit cars and where to buy these kit cars with cheap price. VW also know as Volkswagen which means “people’s car” in German was originally founded in 1937 in Germany. Over the years, VW manufactured a lot of famous cars such as special bug shape Volkswagen Beetle and the famous exotic sports car Porsche 918 Spyder which appear at the Geneva auto show lately.