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Here is your luscious A-list of Fiero kit cars pictures, videos, and 3 tips on where to find cheap kit cars for sale especially Fiero based kit cars. The price for any exotic replica cars using Fiero based kit cars is various depends on the quality of the car either professional work or suicidal work. Check out more!

The production of Pontiac Fiero ended in 1988 since the first Fiero was built in 1984, but the kit cars companies never stop to build more and more parts to turn the Fiero into various supercars imitations. This has created another toy for big man.

There are many famous exotic replica cars for sale using Pontiac Fiero as base car. Here we shared some information on what to check before buying the kit cars.

Body work

The original wheelbase and length of a standard Fiero is shorter than most of the exotic cars, therefore you will need to check on the work that lengthen the chassis.

Coupe version Fiero kit cars

This probably is one of the most difficult parts to create Fiero kit cars. What makes it difficult is the work to keep the chassis square when the roof/top is cut off. Most of the Lamborghini kits require the roof top to be cut off.

Fiero based kit cars

The shape and original body style of the Fiero has attracted many kit cars manufacturer to crank out Lamborghini, Ferrari replicas based on the Fiero. The original wheel base for Pontiac Fiero is 93.4 inches where you will need to add on a little bit to the chassis to achieve more accurate look to Lamborghini or Ferrari replicas.

Although the standard length for Fiero is shorter than most of the Here is the list of famous replicas that using Fiero as based kit cars:

  • Lamborghini Countach – wheelbase 96.5 inches
  • Lamborghini Diablo – wheelbase 104.3 inches
  • Lamborghini Murcielago – wheelbase 104.9 inches
  • Ferrari Daytona Spyder
  • Ferrari F430 – wheelbase 102.4 inches
  • Ferrari F550 – wheelbase 98.4 inches
  • Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – wheelbase 108.3 inches
  • Ferrari Testarossa – wheelbase 100.4 inches
  • Enzo Ferrari – wheelbase 104 inches
  • Ford GT40 – wheelbase 95 inches

Well, if budget to get any exotic cars is the main consideration, why not consider Fiero kit cars?


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