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Here are your delicious steps on how to build a kit car with nice body kit and tips on how to build a high quality drivable kit car in cheapest way. Building kit cars is totally different from buying a car where you just buy and drive. It requires patience, time, and budget to create a real nice car. There are many kits available for everything such as 4 wheels cars, 3 wheel cars, muscle cars, sports cars, exotic cars, and many more. First of everything is choosing what you like and build what you want.

After you have choose what kind of kit car you want, here you can follow some easy steps here to build a real nice kit car that you will love to polish it everyday.

Look for donor car

It will save you tons of time if the kit can directly place to the donor car you choose and become the expected car. For example, a Toyota MR2 as a donor car to convert to Ferrari F355. Other wise you will have to choose a cheap donor car just to get the engine and some other parts to be used for the kit car. Cars under 500 dollars is always number one choice to use as donor car.

Build the car body with kit set

There are two main ways to buy the kit, you can choose to have it delivered to your door step or collect it directly from the factory by yourself. Make sure you have all the needed parts and you can start your job. Now assemble the chassis properly and make sure there are no dry joints to avoid any water leaks. That’s how you suppose to the car nicely.

Place the engine into kit car

The engine and all needed parts from donor car has to be cleaned, restored, and nicely painted before put into the kit car chassis. This is to prevent double work if something is not working. Engine, gearbox, exhaust system, and fuel system has to be go in one piece. Use a hydraulic engine lift to make the job smooth.

Fix up kit car parts

Now you can fit in some other parts like the steering rack, suspension, steering column, steering rod, gear pedal, brake pedal, and gas pedal. Build all these parts into the car follow the instruction properly. See also some other kit cars: Lamborghini kit cars, Cobra kit cars, VW kit cars, Fiero kit cars.

Assemble car accessories

You can now build your own dash board, drive panel, customize the interior in anyway you like. You can cover the dash with some nice leather in any color you like as long as it matches the car! Do not forget to assemble some other accessories such as head lamps, rear lamps, signal lights, wiper, and among others. You can now get your car key and ready for a run for this cool car!

When building the kit car, one great tip is to turn the chassis upside down so that you are able to rivet the floor panels easily. From there you can also make sure there is no dry joints to prevent any water leak in later stage. Patience, effort, and time are what it requires to build a kit car nicely.
build kit car


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