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32 Ford Coupe Kit Car


Here are some of the best 3-window 32 Ford coupe kit car and 5-window 32 Ford coupe kit cars in the US. It is said that the 1932 Ford cars on the road today is more than Henry Ford’s original production during 1930s. This is because the ’32 Ford cars are one of the coolest and most ideal hot rods in America and that leads to many kit car manufacturers build it and sell across the country as well as export to Canada and Mexico.

Ford Coupe Kit Car
If you would like to build a kit car by yourself, you will have to know where to source the parts. Kit car manufacturers often sell the ’32 Ford coupe as a package with complete installation guide. The price is various depending on the quality of the material you choose. If you are new to kit car and you are planning to buy the car parts separately, you will need the list.

What is in ford coupe kit car full package

  • A ’32 Ford coupe body (Either is the Deuce coupe, 5-window, or the rare 3-window De Luxe Coupe)
  • A strong chassis with axles and suspension
  • 32 car accessories including front grille, windows, windshield, trunk seal, 32 Ford radiator with shroud, electric fan, headlights, signal lights, tail lights, petrol tank, complete set of wiring, gauges, throttle and brake pedals, stainless steel front and rear spreader bar, as well as a classic 32 Ford coupe steering. Off course, you can always customize your own car with air brush or custom made stickers that make the car look unique.

Kit car for sale

Here are some of the most delicious 32 Ford kit cars for sale.

1. ’32 Ford Roadster for sale. ’32 Vicky and ’32 Pick-up from just $3,500. Interest please contact (760) 672-3540 or drop by to Ball’s Rod & Kustom, 5118 NW 24th Drive, Gainsville FL 32605.

2. ’32 Ford 3 window coupe for sale. This is rare and rare means unique. The kit car has everything complete and price start at $6,500. Can drop by to 320 N Arizona Ave, Suite 400, Prescott, Arizona 86301.

3. ’32 Ford roadster. Complete front suspensions, bodies, and chassis that fit on ’72-78 Datsun rearends. From: Chupp’s Hot Rods.

4. ’32 Ford Roadster kit car for sale. We sell all kind of kit car parts from bodies to chassis to suspension to turnkeys. Price various. Just drop by to: Dan Fink Metalworks, 17872 Metzler Ln, Huntington Beach, CA 92647.

Please email us if you would like to list your car here or your company here. We truly believes that there are thousands of 1932 Ford kit cars has been built in any kind of style that is imaginable.


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