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Car buying tricks and tips

Here are top 3 best of the best car buying tricks, techniques, strategies, and car buying advices you should take when buying new cars or used cars. Car dealer can play tricks in selling a car to their customers but turn a way round as customers, you can also play some tricks to get the best deal especially buying used cars. Check out these tricks now!

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Never buy luxury cars but drive into bad debt

Everyone will love to drive luxury cars if given chances, but keep in mind that never buy luxury cars but fall in a big bad auto debt. In our society today, the majority people need cars to go to work, bring their kids to school, and use it as family cars travel to some other places. While most people need cars, the ultimate cost of a car is higher than many people can pay in one lump sum. Therefore, the way people go about it, is to purchase it with car …

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New car buying tips

Buy a new car you need cash but you definitely need professional car buying tips to help you save huge money. Here we share you some delicious tips about buying a new car and how to buy a new car in easy 5 steps. These tips are written by a retired salesman who worked in a car dealer shop for more than 15 years. Do not over look some of the little thing that you can do when buying a new car, this little thing is able to help you …

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Questions to ask when buying a used car

Here are the top 10 questions for someone who is buying a used car from private seller or from used car dealer. You will need to learn and ask these questions when buying used car to make sure you buy the right car you want in good condition. The answers to these questions will roughly let you know the condition and some history of the car you plan to buy.

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Used car buying tips

Here is your helpful used car buying tips and top 3 delicious guides on buying a used car from dealer or private seller. These tips are useful whenever you are considering buying a car. Always keep in mind that new cars depreciate from the moment you drive them out from the dealership’s lot. Therefore considering buying a used car can give you a huge saving on both the initial cost and car insurance.

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Advice on buying a car

Here is some advice on buying a car including what car to choose, advice on buying new or used car base on needs and how to get cheap car insurance and car loan. There are many ways you can save up a lot of money when buying a car as long as you choose the right car, right car insurance, and best loan APR rate. In fact, you will not save any penny if you are buying some exotic sports cars.