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Buy car with cash vs. Buy car with auto loan

Here is another article for buy car with cash vs. buy car with auto loan. Previously, we have discussed which one is better in many kind of scenario. Here is one where we compare if you buy a car with cash and buy a car with auto loan and use the cash to pay off the auto loan. This scenario is unlike all previous cases, where you keep the money in the same place but you have to pay the monthly car payment from other source of income.

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Buying vs Leasing a Car

Buy a new car or leasing a car? Buy it or Lease it? Here are some of the debate and discussion on buying vs leasing a car. Whether it is buying or leasing, often there are pros and cons, it is very much depending on your own situation. Here are some of the problems with leasing a car and troubles with buying a car shared by some of our readers. You can learn from what people experienced and choose the best according to your own situation. Be it buy or …

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Buying cars on eBay

Buying cars on eBay has many advantages. For example, buyers don’t have to go through the haggling process for the car price with well-trained salesman. Buyers can bid whatever price they feel it is right for them and they can stop the bid if the price is high for them. However, there are many things to learn before going into the deal of buying cars from eBay.

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Selling cars on eBay

Selling cars on eBay is no longer something new or something hard. It is something very easy with eBay system. More than four million cars have been sold through eBay Motors since it was established. You can find thousands of classic cars for sale on eBay and hundreds of new ads on it every single week. Every four minutes there is a classic car sold through eBay and a passenger car sells every 90 seconds. With these statistics, eBay is definitely a good place to sell a car.

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Buy a New Car

Follow some of the useful guides and tips here if you want to buy a new car. Learn how to be the person in charge in the deal to buy a new car you want at an excellent price. Buying a new car is not as simple as you can imagine, many first time car buyer end up paying lot extra then what they expect. Registration fee, handling fee, car insurances, car loan interest rates, dealer’s tricks, and actual market value of the car is what you need to know.

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Leasing Versus Buying A Car

Leasing a car or buying a car is better? Lease or buy? Buy or lease? Leasing versus buying a car, conclude which one is better for your situation based on the pros and cons for both leasing and buying a car here. Find the best solution for yourself while not listening to all the opinions about car leasing that may not even related to your current condition. Always keep in mind that you know best about yourself while not others.