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Selling cars on eBay is no longer something new or something hard. It is something very easy with eBay system. More than four million cars have been sold through eBay Motors since it was established. You can find thousands of classic cars for sale on eBay and hundreds of new ads on it every single week. Every four minutes there is a classic car sold through eBay and a passenger car sells every 90 seconds. With these statistics, eBay is definitely a good place to sell a car.

Mazda 2
eBay is a good platform for anyone to sell a vehicle through the auction system. It also serve as an alternative way to sell a car other than through car magazine, local newspaper, or online portal like Carsut.com. Here we shared you some of the tips to sell a car fast through eBay Motors.

State the details. State the important details of the car clearly and correctly including year made, the car model, sub model, transmission, engine capacity, vehicle title, options, and an attractive title. “2010 Honda Civic For Sale” isn’t an attractive title. “2010 Honda Civic in good condition for sale” sounds better?

State the mileage. State the exact current mileage in the advertisement. If it is really in low mileage, you can use it as a selling point in the title. For example, “2010 Honda Civic in low mileage for sale”.

Clean the car and take few good pictures. Please clean the car before taking any pictures. Nobody wants to buy a dirty car. Take few pictures that can clearly show the car. 10-12 pictures are quite enough. Front, rear, both left and right sides, wheels, interior, rear seats, dashboard, engine bay, and among others.

Sell with the most honest heart. State in the description and show some pictures if there is any scratches, dented, or rust on the car. See also: used cars for sale by owner.

Start with low bid. You can always set a reserve price. Therefore there is no worry to start with low bid. Low bid tends to attract more user click on your ad and place bids when they see from the listing. That makes the sales on eBay more fun and practical.

Emphasize what is good on the car. If you just key in what is required in eBay and upload couple of pictures, the ad will just like regular ad with less attraction. Emphasize on what is special on the car like any aftermarket parts, CD player, how well the car is been taken, any new parts that is recently been replaced.

Always reply bidders’ question. Do check your eBay account frequently when your auction is started. Reply all the questions from bidders so that potential buyers will not run away to other’s vehicle. Selling cars on eBay is simply easy, fast, and practical. See also: Buying cars on eBay.


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