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Here is some advice on buying a car including what car to choose, advice on buying new or used car base on needs and how to get cheap car insurance and car loan. There are many ways you can save up a lot of money when buying a car as long as you choose the right car, right car insurance, and best loan APR rate. In fact, you will not save any penny if you are buying some exotic sports cars.

Here is the Top 10 advice that you need take and consider when buying any cars.

Advice 1 – Buying car base on needs

Always remember buy a car base on your needs. You don’t need a MPV or 7-seater car if your family member less than 5 persons. It is often small car is cheaper to buy and it gives lower mpg on fuel consumption. It will be a waste to drive 2 persons out in a 7-seater car.

Advice 2 – Budget

Buy a car base on the budget you have. Don’t always consider to buy cars base on how much maximum car loan you can get. Calculate a monthly car payment properly before any decision is made. Do not buy a $100,000 car if you only have $10,000 cash in hand. Besides, resale value have to be one of the consideration too.

Advice 3 – New or used car?

Well, new car definitely smells good and more comfortable to drives. However, you will have to ask yourself, “Do I need a new one?” Depreciation is the biggest cost in owning any cars. A $50,000 car can become $45,000 by the moment you drove the new car out from the showroom. Anyway, it is good to get a new car if you have already set budget for that.

Advice 4 – Where to buy

Some expert give advice on car buying where they tell buyer to buy car from reputable car dealer because that is the easiest way. Other than that, you can look for private seller, government auction car, online auction car like eBay, impounded cars, old junk cars, and among others.

Advice 5 – What to do when in showroom

Keep your mind strong when you’ve entered to any showroom. Some salesman will take control and guide you towards the car they want to sell. Stick to your needs, budget, and car you like. Do not buy a car under any salesman’s pressure.

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Advice 6 – Buying a car online

Buying a car via eBay online auto auction no longer something complicated. There are many dealers purchase cars from online auction and resell it and they still have good profit. It is a good place to research for average car price for the car you looking for.

Advice 7 – Car insurance

Always remember unless you have an accident or your car is stolen, or else there is no tangible return on your investment to any car insurance. Therefore, choose the cheapest base on your needs and what you want to insure. See What is comprehensive car insurance, Temporary UK car insurance, Car insurance student UK, Car insurance UK young driversWhat is a good first car for a teenager.

Advice 8 – Car loan

The APR interest rate can be from 3% to 21%. 1% different on the interest rate could give you a big different on your monthly car payment. Provide lenders all document needed such as good employment record, good credit history, and good credit score.

Advice 9 – Monthly car payment

Now you have already got the car insurance quotes and car loan quotes, you can calculate your monthly car payment base on the rates you get. Your monthly car payment shouldn’t take away more than 1/3 of your salary.

Advice 10 – Paperwork

Check all documents properly especially if you are buying a car from private seller. Check the vehicle registration certificate, V5C registration document, registration date, number of owners, VIN number, and chassis. It will be good to have car bill of sale.
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