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Questions to ask when buying a used car


Here are the top 10 questions for someone who is buying a used car from private seller or from used car dealer. You will need to learn and ask these questions when buying used car to make sure you buy the right car you want in good condition. The answers to these questions will roughly let you know the condition and some history of the car you plan to buy.

Question 1 – Mileage on the car

Ask the owner what is the mileage on the car or you can check it from the ODO meter. The mileage plays an important role to determine how much is a used car worth. It is recommended to ask this question before you meet up the owner and view the car. You can check the market price base on the mileage before go into negotiation.

Question 2 – Is there anything in the car is not working?

Ask the owner if any electric thing is not function or function improper. Some of the thing that could bring problem for a used car are such as air-condition, CD player, signals, wiper, horn, brake lights, gauges, speed meter, power windows, and among others.

Question 3 – Is the used car have any accidents before?

Check with the used car owner if there is any accident happen to the car before. Generally, cars that had major accident before is not recommended to buy but minor accident is acceptable if the price is cheaper than market value.

Question 4 – Fuel consumption

Check online how much per mile does it cost to drive a car you want to buy. Ask the owner what is the mpg (miles per gallon) he got base on his experience. The answer may have a little difference with what you found online but it shouldn’t have big difference.

Question 5 – Reason the car for sale

There are many people like to buy dirt cheap cars from auction or some other places, fix them up and sell it as hobby in addition to make some profit. You must ask yourself, is the price dirt or the car dirt?

Question 6 – How is the used car condition?

The body condition and the car paint is another question to ask. Ask if there is any dent, rust, or faded paint at the car. If there is, ask for some discount base on the quantity.

Question 7 – Service history and receipts

When was the last time the battery changed? When was the last time the timing-belt changed? When was the last time the engine oil, oil filter, air filter changed? Ask for proper receipts so that you will know if the car is well maintained.

Question 8 – How frequent the car is serviced?

If the owner able to answer your question it at least shown he take care of the car. Ask the owner what kind of oil the car use, where it usually service, back to manufacturer or some certified workshop?

Question 9 – How many previous owners on this car?

Obviously, if an old car with lot owners is normal but if a car with less age has a lot of owners on the green book, it might have some problems or there are more question to ask.

Question 10 – What is the best price you willing to sell the car?

Here come the last questions as well as the question to help you get the best price. Always remember do not make the first offer. Ask the owner what is the best price he or she willing to sell and then negotiate from there. Try to offer lower price for the used car and get yourself the best deal.


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