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Wooden Cars »

How to build a wooden car

Here we show you step by step on how to build a wooden car in details with pictures. The method to build a wooden car is the easiest among all other techniques. You can learn these steps and build your own wooden car although you can buy a ready made wood model car. You can also spend some quality time with your child to teach him how to build a wooden car in few easy steps. With some extra tips, you can even build a wooden race car that goes …

Car Accessories »

How to build a car rotisserie

Here are the steps by steps guide on how to build a car rotisserie for any kind of cars. It is best for people who would like to DIY and build a car rotisserie with low budget. A new car rotisserie cost around $1,200 to $1,700 dollars and you can build one with the budget in between $500 and $800 dollars. The biggest satisfaction is the Do It Yourself work while money is the second. Check this out!

Solar Cars, Toy Cars »

Solar Powered Toy Car

Here are the delicious five steps on how to build a solar powered toy car. Build a make solar toy cars are something fun although there are many cheap solar toy cars for sale in the market. The cheapest solar toy car you can find in the market is as low as $2 dollars. DIY to build one will cost more than that because of the cost of buying a solar panel. However, fun and experience is something money can’t buy. Check it out these steps.

Build your own car »

Build a car online

Here are the top 3 flash game to build a car online. Some of these online flash games are 3-D and it allows you to build a car virtually before putting any actual job to the actual car. Some other flash games available online are very simple and dull to play with because it only allows user to drag and drop the car body, car wheels, car accessories with mouse. Check out some of the interesting flash game to build a car here!

Build your own car »

Build your own car online

Here is your delicious place to build your own car online and design your car online based on what you want without have to spend a single penny to build what you want. You can choose a basic car you like, change the body color with just one click, add customized wheels to your own car, lowered it, try on different kind of air brush on the car, add spoiler, body kit, exhaust system, sound system, and any kind of customization you can imagine to do with the car here …

Kit Cars »

Build a kit car

Here are your delicious steps on how to build a kit car with nice body kit and tips on how to build a high quality drivable kit car in cheapest way. Building kit cars is totally different from buying a car where you just buy and drive. It requires patience, time, and budget to create a real nice car. There are many kits available for everything such as 4 wheels cars, 3 wheel cars, muscle cars, sports cars, exotic cars, and many more. First of everything is choosing what you …