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Solar Powered Toy Car


Here are the delicious five steps on how to build a solar powered toy car. Build a make solar toy cars are something fun although there are many cheap solar toy cars for sale in the market. The cheapest solar toy car you can find in the market is as low as $2 dollars. DIY to build one will cost more than that because of the cost of buying a solar panel. However, fun and experience is something money can’t buy. Check it out these steps.

We have made the steps as easy as it could be and yes, you can finish it in just 5 steps.

1. Toy car body. Find any light material that is suitable to be the car body. It should be as light as it could be. For example, an empty bottle, a foam board, or a light pinewood. See also: pinewood derby cars.

2. Prepare the wheels. The easiest way to get a toy car wheels is to get those ready made from toy shop. Otherwise you can find some unwanted toy wheels that attached with rods as the car axle. See also: pinewood derby car design.

3. Build the car engine. Now you can buy the ready made motor according to the power output from the solar panel you have. If the solar panel output is too big for the motor, it will burn. We will suggest you to use a 2 V, 145mA DC Motor.

4. Stick all car parts together. This is the most challenging part to build a solar powered toy car. Connect positive (+ve) wire from solar panel to the motor’s positive, and negative to negative (-ve). Fix the motor with gear to the rear wheels and stick the axles and wheels to the car body.

5. Ready for a run now. Adjust the solar panel at the best position and now you are ready to find a place with sunlight to test run the car.

solar powered toy car

If you do not have time and want to get an instant solar toy car, there is one most sought-after in the market now which is the Solar 6 in 1 Educational kit. The kit set can be transforms into six different solar powered toys including solar powered windmill, puppy, boat, and cars. On the other hand, you can also buy the smallest (size is 33 x 2.2 x 14mm) mini solar powered toy car in the world for just $2 dollars.


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