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What will you drive if you can go back to yesterday once more (Part 3)

This is the last part of the classic car shows that held at Seacon Mall. To view the first part, click here – What will you drive if you can go back to yesterday once more. To view the second part, click here – What will you drive if you can go back to yesterday once more (Part 2). In this part, the Oldsmobile 442 is the spotlight of the show as it is one of the best muscle cars ever built in America.

This is a classic toy car – …

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Mini Cooper for kids

Do you remember your first pedal car? Most guys will not forget the first car they get into it during their childhood. If you love your kid and you are a huge Mini Cooper fan like I do, this mini car for kids may be a good choice for you. It is a mini Mini Cooper and it is a cabriolet. The exterior look very similar to the MINI from BMW except it is much smaller than the actual one. Inside, it features a big speedometer and the iconic rpm …

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Mini Cooper Diecast – some nice photographs

Here are some nice photographs of a MK1 Mini Cooper Diecast taken by Howsen – a member of Malaysiaminilover and also a Mini aficionado who have owned Minis for more than a decade. The Mini Cooper is exactly “On The Road” without paying any taxes because it is a diecast, a toy car, a model or whatsoever you prefer to call it. In some photos, the red Cooper is sitting on a black huge sport car, guess what is the car? Note from the owner of these pictures: These pictures …

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That’s how you make your kids fall in love with Mini

No one will ever forget the first car they ride on. Buy your kids some of the mini Mini cars and let them ride if you want them to be a real Mini lover when they grow.

It’s always a Mini Cooper.

Now this super-small-size Mini Moke is really a rare gem. Look how happy the little girl is when she rides the mini Mini Moke at a Mini event. So where can you buy one? Try eBay! If you can’t find one that suits your needs, build one and share to …

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Solar Powered Toy Car

Here are the delicious five steps on how to build a solar powered toy car. Build a make solar toy cars are something fun although there are many cheap solar toy cars for sale in the market. The cheapest solar toy car you can find in the market is as low as $2 dollars. DIY to build one will cost more than that because of the cost of buying a solar panel. However, fun and experience is something money can’t buy. Check it out these steps.

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Barca gas powered RC car

Here is your delicious A-list of top selling Barca gas powered RC car, Barca Nitro powered RC cars, as well as Barca Electric powered RC cars. It is no doubt Barca is famous in making RC cars. Some of these RC cars perform very well while some has their own weak point. Check out the coolest ever RC cars here and make your own decision to get one best suitable for you now.