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Top ten RC car brands

Here is your delicious A-list of the latest top ten RC car brands from around the world. The cars in the top ten list are most updated and some of the cars won the RC cars competition last year. Some of these cars are gas powered, some are Nitro powered, while some are electric powered. We ranked it according to the car performance, selling price, as well as the top speed of the car.

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Mini cars for kids

No one would ever forget about the first car they ride on when they were just kids. There are many types of mini cars available in the market today which suitable for kids from 3 years old to 10 years old. Most of the mini cars today are powered by electric and run with simple mechanism that will make any kids happy to ride on it. Check it out and choose the best car that suitable for your kids!

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1957 Chevy pedal car toy

Here is your delicious A-list of ’50s Chevy pedal car toy and some rare model of 1957 Chevy Bel Air pedal car toy die cast from Gearbox and Texaco. According to automobile history, first pedal cars was introduced in late 1880s when Karl Benz, who invented the car unveiled the first petrol powered car the Benz Patent Motorwagen in 1886. Since then pedal cars were becoming famous in early 1900s in Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, and United States.

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Antique toy pedal cars

Here are your delicious top 5 antique toy pedal cars with description and pictures. Some of these antique toy pedal cars were built long time ago while some are the replica antique pedal car. These replica toy pedal cars are available in the market today is vary from £50 but the antique pedal car will cost more than £1000 in some auction. By looking at these cars, it will remind your fantastic ride during your young time if you ever had a pedal car. No ones will ever forget his or …

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Where can I sell my hot wheels

Having lots of cool hot wheels but don’t know where to sell it? Here we tell you where and how to sell it with high price. The fastest and easiest place to sell Hot Wheels is no where but eBay. There are many hot wheels collectors run through the site every week to look for special or rare edition hot wheels to buy over and collect it in their garage.

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How much are my hot wheel cars worth?

How much a hot wheel cars worth is depends on many factors. It mainly depends on the condition whether it is in mint condition or bad condition. The year that the hot wheels was made play an important role in determining the car price too. Generally any hot wheels that made before 80s have higher price than the present hot wheels.