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Antique toy pedal cars


Here are your delicious top 5 antique toy pedal cars with description and pictures. Some of these antique toy pedal cars were built long time ago while some are the replica antique pedal car. These replica toy pedal cars are available in the market today is vary from £50 but the antique pedal car will cost more than £1000 in some auction. By looking at these cars, it will remind your fantastic ride during your young time if you ever had a pedal car. No ones will ever forget his or her first pedal car. Here are some of the real valuable antique pedal cars.

1920’s Gendron pedal car

1920 Gendron pedal cars

Here is a real rare pedal car with original body and original paint. The pedal car is a combination of wood and pressed steel and has stayed in surprisingly nice condition for being 80 over years. Amazing, amazing, and amazing.

1950’s McCormick Farmall ESKA Pedal car tractor

McCormick Farmall ESKA pedal car tractor

This is an early 50’s pedal car until 1957. The rear tires are marked Eska Company 12 x 1.75 made in USA. The pedal car measures 32 inches long and 24 inches from floor to top of steering wheel. This car is estimated worth over US$2000 dollars and it is currently available on sale in ebay. See also 1957 Chevy pedal car toy.

1955 Austin J40 Pedal Car

1955 Austin J40 pedal car

It was built in 1955 inspiring from the Austin A40 cars. There are only a few left until today and this one here is located in United Kingdom. Shining grill, chrome bumper, nice big eyes as the headlamps, metal body, white wall tires, wooden steering, set of gauges. Except the size and it is powered by pedal, it is a small Austin.

Ford Shelby GT-350 Pedal Car

replica pedal cars

This Ford Shelby pedal car was design based on the 1965 Ford Shelby GT-350. It was fully licensed pedal cars by Carroll Shelby and Ford Motor Company. With no jokes, each of these cars comes with its own certificate of authenticity just like actual cars. It is good for pedal cars collector.

Ford Model T Pedal cars

replica pedal cars

One of Ford’s most famous cars the Model T is now available in pedal cars. You may not able to get a Model T but now you stand a chance to get this lovely antique-styled toy pedal cars as your collection. The price range for this pedal car is around £ 235.00.

There are many other types of pedal cars available in the market today including the estate wagon, sports cars, trucks, pedal tractors, pedal fire engines, airplanes, and among others. If you would like to give good memory to your children so that he or she could remember forever, the best gift is nothing but his or her first pedal cars.


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