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No one would ever forget about the first car they ride on when they were just kids. There are many types of mini cars available in the market today which suitable for kids from 3 years old to 10 years old. Most of the mini cars today are powered by electric and run with simple mechanism that will make any kids happy to ride on it. Check it out and choose the best car that suitable for your kids!

There are many types of mini cars available in the market today like the Aston Martin style, Mini Cooper style, Lamborghini style, Ferrari style, Hummer style, BMW, and among others. Here we listed out the top 3 coolest mini cars for kids.

1. Mini Cooper style cars

Mini Cooper style mini cars must be in the list when choosing a mini car for your kid. It has always attracts people’s eye no matter is the big BMW Mini Cooper or the classic Mini. Mini Cooper style cars is available in red, blue, yellow, and other colors. The price is start from $119. See the red one here: Mini Cooper for kids

2. Ford Mustang style mini cars

It served as a good gift for kids because it looks almost the same as the adult version. The car has head lights, signal, and a fake radio with music. Some of the electric kid cars can go up to 3 to 5 mph if kids like to drive fast.

3. BMW style kids cars

It comes with 6 volt electric motor that able to achieve the average speed of 2.5 mph. It is suitable for 3 year olds kids or the maximum rider height not over 3 feet tall or the weight is less than 65 lbs. Pedal cars are also alternative choice which is cheaper to buy for kids other than electric-powered kid cars.

In conclusion, it is good for any child learn to drive a battery-powered mini car at an early age. It helps to develop coordination when a child drive or ride on their mini cars.


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