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Top ten RC car brands


Here is your delicious A-list of the latest top ten RC car brands from around the world. The cars in the top ten list are most updated and some of the cars won the RC cars competition last year. Some of these cars are gas powered, some are Nitro powered, while some are electric powered. We ranked it according to the car performance, selling price, as well as the top speed of the car.

1. Tamiya TNX 5.2R

The TNX engine features a rear exhaust pipe for bursts of power. This power pushes this RC car to the front of pack with explosive acceleration as well as extreme top speeds. It is also one of the best RC drift cars we recommend.

2. HPI Savage X

This RC car looks like a small big foot with 427 mm width, 534 mm in length, and 254mm height. The HPI simply perform wonderfully when comes to taking and landing jumps.

3. Traxxas Revo

Traxxas Revo is definitely one of the top ten brands in the market today that will make any kids scream. Why we say Traxxas Revo is good because of the car needs fairly low maintenance just like Honda. It requires 20% Nitro fuel, 8 AA batteries, and a 7.2v battery.

4. Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec

Again we have to put the Traxxas into the list because the Nitro 4-Tec is one of the few available RC car brands for sales that can achieve 75 mph.

5. GS Avenger

6. Team Losi JRX-S Type-R

The Team Losi JRX-S Type-R is a 4WD racing sedan.

7. Kyosho Lazer ZX5

If you are looking for the best RC buggies for sale, the Kyosho Lazer is the best you shouldn’t overlook.

8. HPI Firestorm RC cars

If you ever seen the HPI Firestorm perform in any RC car racing, you will know why we put it into the top ten list.

9. Team Associated Nitro TC3

There are several nice and good performance RC cars from Team Associated but the Nitro TC3 won a lot of races and well-known as the fastest RC car ever created.

10. CEN Nemesis 7.7

The born-to-race Nemesis 7.7 from CEN has a 7.7cc engine that gives you up to 5HP. The car is specially designed for power and durability. The Nemesis 7.7 has also feature with 55 series Assault Racing Rims and Sniper race tires.


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