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Where can I sell my hot wheels


Having lots of cool hot wheels but don’t know where to sell it? Here we tell you where and how to sell it with high price. The fastest and easiest place to sell Hot Wheels is no where but eBay. There are many hot wheels collectors run through the site every week to look for special or rare edition hot wheels to buy over and collect it in their garage.

It is not worth to sell away your long time hot wheels collection without knowing what the best price is. Through eBay, you can place your hot wheels on it with description, pictures, and a starting price and let potential buyer around the world to bid for the highest price.

Amazon is another choice to sell your hot wheels with huge audience around the world. It is free to advertise and potential buyer can reach your advertisement using the powerful search. Other than that, local newspaper, magazine, or local buy and sell online portal is some other choices.
hot wheels

There are few all-time toy car collectors on the internet that are waiting to buy any rare Hot Wheels. David from Toycarcollector is one of them where can be reached through the email david@toycarcollector.com. However, how much are my hot wheel cars worth is another question to ask when you want to sell a hot wheels.

How can I sell my hot wheels with high value?

You have read a lot of Hot Wheels were sold at high price and now you are wondering what is the highest value for you car. You can only get real high price if your hot wheels was made before mid 80s especially the Redline Era or Sweet 16 cars. Here are some great highlights:

  • 1968: Mattel releases the first line of 16Hot Wheels cars. Any Hot Wheels cars among these 16 are collectible worth a high value.
  • 1969: With sales much higher than anticipated, Mattel releases 24 newHot Wheels carsincluding the VW Beach Bomb.
  • 1970: The famous Snake and Mongoose are produced, along with 31 other Hot Wheels cars.
  • 1973: Inflation causes Mattel to lower production costs ofHot Wheels cars.
  • 1975: The firstHot Wheels motorcyclesare made.
  • 1980Hi-Rakers are introduced.

There are some books or online websites like www.hallsguide.com/hotwheels.html give some guide with values for Hot Wheels with pictures nevertheless it is just the standard guide. In conclusion, to get high value or highest buy for your hot wheels you must know what is the best place to sell it.


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