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Here is your delicious place to build your own car online and design your car online based on what you want without have to spend a single penny to build what you want. You can choose a basic car you like, change the body color with just one click, add customized wheels to your own car, lowered it, try on different kind of air brush on the car, add spoiler, body kit, exhaust system, sound system, and any kind of customization you can imagine to do with the car here online.

There are many ways you can build and design your own car. It depends on what you expect to get. The easiest way is to build it using a flash game you can get it easily here. Obviously it is just game where you can do too many things.

Otherwise, if you would like to design and build a car like what car makers do, you will need to spend some time and effort on this. We recommend you to use the software Alais AutoStudio. It is reliable software that you can design any cars from your imagination. Other than that, you can try HDR Light Studio, LightWave 3D, or Lumiscaphe Patchwork 3D.

Software is just one of the options available to help you design your own car. Many great car designers design famous cars on a piece of paper with pencil and these cars are famous for almost half century. Well, the 1959 Mini was a good example of a car that famous for half century.
mini draft

Here is the flash game where you can build your own car easily. It is a fun game to play with and you can save your final car at the same time. See also build your own dream car, design a virtual car, and make your own car.

Tips to build your own car

Save it down from the flash game if you are satisfy with the car you build. Don’t worry if some programs do not allow you to save your own customized car. You can always use “print screen” function to capture the final car you build. Paste it to either Ms. Paint or Adobe Photoshop and then you can save it in your computer in JPEG file.

Most of the cars that are famous and love by car enthusiasts come in special shape or cool look. No one wants to own an ugly car or a car. Cars that come in special shape like some famous exotic cars Lamborghini Reventon, Nissan Skyline GTR35, Porsche 911 or classic cars like Mini Cooper, Austin 8 are all the cars that car lovers would love to own it and collect it.


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