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Ten girly car accessories for sexy girls

Modify a car heavily is the nature of many guys but not girls. Girls prefer to customize their cars so that it looks feminine. Stainless steel muffler, exhaust extractor, over-size piston, customized radiator or high performance engine parts are not really necessary for girls. What girls usually prefer is a Barbie car that could make them feel comfortable while driving. Check out these top ten girly car accessories that special made for sexy girls.
Lace car seat cover – it is a must for cute girls who want to decorate their …

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Cool accessories for Mazda cars

Here are the top 10 cool accessories for Mazda cars that are cheap to buy, easy to fix, and the car definitely looks good with all these cool car accessories. The top 10 list here are solely created by one of our editor and voted by over hundred members of Malaysiaminilover.com. It is exclusively dedicated for all Mazda cars owners. Enjoy and do share with us if you have any DIY accessories for Mazda!

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Apple iPad Car Charger

Generally, a high-quality Apple iPad car charger is usually with high price tag. On the other hand, the quality for cheap iPad car charger isn’t good at all and the chances to get the iPad blown are higher. Here is the top five Apple iPad car chargers with details information ranked from the best quality to the lowest quality, and from expensive to cheapest. Check it out and find one that best suitable for you.

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iPod Car Dock

Any cars can be comfortable to ride on as long as it has the best iPod car dock that play the best music from iPod during the car journey. But, what is the best iPod car dock that can play beautiful music during car trip? Relax, there are many great product brands like Belkin, Griffin, DLO, Bracketron, Kensington, Macally, Boss, and many others are making great car dock for iPod at affordable price. See also: play iPod through car CD player, plug iPod into car CD player.
1. Belkin TuneDok Cupholder for iPod

It doesn’t …

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Car Cover Reviews

Read some branded car cover reviews here and the reviews for universal car cover available for sale in the market. These reviews are from car enthusiasts who are actually using the car cover and leave us a note here. It will certainly give you a clue if you are wondering what brand, what type, or what material of car cover that is best suitable your needs based on the whether and budget.

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Best Bluetooth Car Kit

Read the review for the top 3 Bluetooth car kit available in the market and find the best Bluetooth car kit that best suitable for your needs. Best in terms of best buy, best value, and best price. You can find the cheapest Bluetooth car kit for less than $20 dollars in the market including Motorola T305, LG HFB-500, and Samsung WEP 200.