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Cool accessories for Mazda cars


Here are the top 10 cool accessories for Mazda cars that are cheap to buy, easy to fix, and the car definitely looks good with all these cool car accessories. The top 10 list here are solely created by one of our editor and voted by over hundred members of Malaysiaminilover.com. It is exclusively dedicated for all Mazda cars owners. Enjoy and do share with us if you have any DIY accessories for Mazda!

Remember to choose the accessories based on your car model and model year when you made your purchase. Wrong model year may not fit into the car.

1. Spyder Headlights for Mazda3

Mazda3 with spyder headlights
There are many Spyder headlights for Mazda3. Aftermarket parts are tons out there. Some are with two round inner lights. It looks like eye in an eye especially during night time when the car headlights are on. “Angel eye”, “Eager eye”, “Devil eye” are some other name for this type of headlights. Do keep your original headlights after you change it. This is because you can replace it back to original when you want to sell the car. Cars in original condition will have higher second hand or used value.

2. Cool window tinted

Window tinted can be cheap from few hundred dollars up to few thousand dollars depending on the quality and brand you go for. Window tinted will definitely make the car look cool no matter you are riding Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda5, Mazda Miata, Mazda RX8, or even other cars. Car without tinted = boring!

3. Cool side mirror

If you feel the original side mirror is too boring (some do not have the signal lights), you can change to non-heated or heated power replacement passenger side mirror. It depends on the car color. If the car color is black, it may not so nice if you change the side mirror to black with orange. It will be more cool if you change the side mirror to black with white signal lens. However, it still depends on personal preference.

4. Aftermarket rear lights: clear lens or smoke lens

A lot of cars will look much better with the clear lens or smoke lens. Here is one cool Mazda cars in clear type rear lights.
Mazda3 rear lights

5. Veilside body kit for RX7

The Mazda RX7, one of the cool cars we miss, is also one of the best cars to modify. Remember Han’s RX7 in the movie fast and the furious “Tokyo Drift”? That is modified with Veilside body kit. It totally don’t really look like the original RX7 but it is one of a kind.
Mazda RX7 Veilside

6. Air brush or decals

Air brush is a kind of art. For some people who love it, it is a great art to put on car. Decals are the cheapest thing to put on car and make it look slightly different from others. Mazda3 has been one of the best selling compact cars in many countries. Imagine that you walk to the car park with your lover and walk to the wrong car, how shy it is. Decals can something let you recognize that is ya car!

7. Gabriel ultra shocks absorber

Great for Mazda3 owners who wants a better feel when faced with varying road conditions. This is one great thing to put on the car. It has good average rating from many owners who had actually using them.

8. Sport Rims

Many types of wheel will make the car looks good. Here is one with Mazda3 MPS Extreme with 19-inch BBS Motorsport rims. Isn’t it look good?
Mazda3 MPS Extreme

9. Mazda Xenon lights and HID Kits

Other than spyder headlights, Xenon lights can make the car look special. Most of the standard cars running out the road are with yellow color headlights, so Xenon is special!

10. Mazda brake caliper cover

Original or stock Mazda cars come with brake caliper that just look so normal. Add the Mazda brake caliper will definitely make the wheel look prominent and cool. Generally, the caliper cover is available in either red or blue and some other colors. This undoubtedly one of the must have cool car accessories for Mazda. Besides, it is real cheap to buy and easy to put on.
Mazda RX8


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