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Any cars can be comfortable to ride on as long as it has the best iPod car dock that play the best music from iPod during the car journey. But, what is the best iPod car dock that can play beautiful music during car trip? Relax, there are many great product brands like Belkin, Griffin, DLO, Bracketron, Kensington, Macally, Boss, and many others are making great car dock for iPod at affordable price. See also: play iPod through car CD playerplug iPod into car CD player.

1. Belkin TuneDok Cupholder for iPod

Belkin iPod Car Dock
It doesn’t have to always be a holder that comes with a suction to place it at car windscreen. At least Belkin make it in a different way with suction-cup function that hold the iPod firmly and tightly. It uses the space in a car that design to hold a cup for the iPod. This product is compatible with any iPods including iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G, and 6G. Most important is, Amazon is now doing promotion with just $1.98!!! from the original price $29.99.

2. Griffin TuneFlex Flexsible Auto Solution for iPod Nano Car Cradle

This is another cheap car dock you can find in the market. It comes with a rotatable cradle to hold the iPod and charge the iPod through cigarette adapter in the car. It is just $9.99.

3. DLO Transpod In-Car Transmitter for iPod

Okay, this one is a little high tech. It comes with a digital display at the bottom of the device to adjust the frequency to transmit iPod’s music to the car stereo. This is pretty good for any car stereo without the AUX In port for the iPod. It also comes with a plug to charge the iPod from any auto power outlet while enjoying the songs. Simply nice and good to use.

4. Griffin iTrip Dock GR-N22045

If you want a good car dock that broadcasts music from your iPod to an open FM frequency on your car’s stereo in high quality. The Griffin iTrip Dock is the one you need. This product comes with high-contrast display and it is easily to read in any condition. It also maximizes the FM radio signal sent by iTrip to the car stereo.

5. Kensington iPod car dock K33433US

Kensington K33433US is compatible for all kind of iPods from first generation to fifth generation. It chare the iPod and connect it to the car stereo through auxiliary port. Price at $49.99, makes it a good one to consider when buying one.
Kensington iPod Car Dock


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