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Generally, a high-quality Apple iPad car charger is usually with high price tag. On the other hand, the quality for cheap iPad car charger isn’t good at all and the chances to get the iPad blown are higher. Here is the top five Apple iPad car chargers with details information ranked from the best quality to the lowest quality, and from expensive to cheapest. Check it out and find one that best suitable for you.

Most of the people who bought the cheap iPad car charger mostly have to buy a new charger sooner or later. The cheapest iPad car charger can be found in the market for less than $3 dollars. Sometimes, it even blows off the fuse for the car cigarette lighter adapter. Therefore, choose carefully when you purchase one.

#1 Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger for Ipad

Griffin iPad car charger
The PowerJolt fromGriffinis available for sale at $24.95 from Apple store online in theUS. It just a little extra from what it cost to buy the cheapest car charger made inChina. Griffin PowerJolt charges the iPad or iPad 2 quicker and safer if compared to other car charger. Besides, it comes with different USB dock cable which allows charging iPhone, iPod, or some other Apple products. It is like “One stone crash three birds”, just like the game Angry Birds, meaning you just pay once but get the device to charge three types of Apple products.

#2 Kensington PowerBolt Micro Car Charger

Kensington Apple car charger
One thing good about this charger is the design. It is smaller compare to other charger in its class. The design blends nicely into any kind of cars with LED power indicator. It is simple to use and easy to bring. With only $24.95, the Kensington PowerBolt’s 2.1 Amps offer plenty of power to charge your iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, and iPod in high speed. It is also one of the important car accessories to maintains the battery power during any long car trip. See also what to prepare for long car trip?

#3 Incase Car Charger for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

Incase car charger for Apple
The Incase car charger is as simple as a DC compatible port that allows user to plug into the cigarette lighter adapter and connect with USB port to charge the iPad easily. The package comes with a 2 Amp cable and LED charging indicator. It is available for sale at $24.95. See iPad Car Mount.

#4 Oriongadgets Car Charger for Apple iPad

Oriongadgets iPad car charger
The Oriongadgets is currently the cheapest and a reliable car charger for iPad or iPad 2. It is available for sale at $4.89 at Amazon. It has an integrated electric fuse to prevent damage to the iPad or battery. Two colors available: white or black.

#5 Amzer Handy Car Charger for Apple iPad, Apple iPad 2

Amzer Apple car charger
The Amzer iPad car charger keeps your iPad charged and ready to go at all time with a LED indicator. Nothing needs to setup, just plug into any vehicle power port sockets that has 12V output. It also has overcharging protection. It is available for sale at $19.95. This is definitely the right product for anyone who is looking for lightweight and handy Apple iPad car charger.


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