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Best Bluetooth Car Kit


Read the review for the top 3 Bluetooth car kit available in the market and find the best Bluetooth car kit that best suitable for your needs. Best in terms of best buy, best value, and best price. You can find the cheapest Bluetooth car kit for less than $20 dollars in the market including Motorola T305, LG HFB-500, and Samsung WEP 200.

Bluetooth Car Kit
It is illegal to drive and talk phone at the same time no matter which country you are living. You can either choose a cheap Bluetooth car kit for less than $20 or choose a good one among these the three best Bluetooth car kit. Remember that summons for drivers who hold a mobile phone while driving and violate the traffic rules are much more expensive than any of these Bluetooth car kit.

1. Motorola MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth car kit

Manufactured by Motorola, the T505 is one of the best Bluetooth car kits you can find in the market. It is extremely easy to use and has fantastic sound quality. It is compatible with many mobile phones and has a lot of features that other Bluetooth car kit that fall in the same price range do not have. For example, FM Transmitter, voice prompts, Text-to-Speech, energy saver, battery indicator light, reject call, echo/noise reduction, multi-language function, toggle between two calls, auto phone to Bluetooth pairing, auto synchronize phonebook, and microphone. Other than features, the design is very futuristic and the selling price is simply amazing at $40.

2. Parrot Bluetooth car kits

Some of the famous Parrot Bluetooth car kits include the Parrot MK i9200, Parrot MK i9100, Parrot MK 6100, Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR, Parrot CK3000 EVOLUTION, and among others. Here we ranked the Parrot MINIKIT SLIM as the best Bluetooth car kit among Parrot brand because of its simplicity of the design and its wonderful features. Parrot MINIKIT SLIM automatically synchronizes its phonebook with the contacts on mobile phone. It is also compatible with all iPhone models. Market price is from $55 the cheapest.

3. Jabra CRUISER

Best value for money. The Jabra CRUISER Bluetooth hands-free car kit is available for sale from $30 at most of the car accessories shop. Its design has large buttons to make call easier. It also provides great-sounding calls for speakerphone with high quality sound. The only thing not good is the side is a little bit bulky compared to the other two above. However, the price and all the features it has on the device somewhat make it the best Bluetooth car kit in the market.


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