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Ten girly car accessories for sexy girls


Modify a car heavily is the nature of many guys but not girls. Girls prefer to customize their cars so that it looks feminine. Stainless steel muffler, exhaust extractor, over-size piston, customized radiator or high performance engine parts are not really necessary for girls. What girls usually prefer is a Barbie car that could make them feel comfortable while driving. Check out these top ten girly car accessories that special made for sexy girls.

Lace car seat cover – it is a must for cute girls who want to decorate their car with a theme.

Lace car seat cover

Cartoon style car seat cover – for those who want to build a theme with the car, you might want to choose a favorite cartoon-style seat cover. Be it Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, Bob Sponge, or any kind of cartoon you prefer.

Cartoon car seat cover

Steering wheel cover – Well, this has to match with the seat cover. It has got nothing wrong to decorate a Hello Kitty seat with Spiderman steering wheel cover but doesn’t it feel likes a bit odd?

car steering wheel cover

Floor Mat – Again, it is a must to look for a set of nice floor mat that match the entire design.

cute car floor mats

Sun Shade – It is useful and it is desirable. There are many sun shades suitable for girls including Angry Birds, Winnie-the-Pooh, Snoopy, Tomo, Hello Kitty, and others. It looks fantastic for girls’ car but it definitely looks GAY for guys’ car.

Sun shade for girls

Car Perfume – Sometimes smell could tells.


Tissue Box Cover – A little decoration could make the car look different. It is cheap to buy and easy to put up. You may try the Hawaiian style.

tissue box cover

Soft Toys or Stuffed Toys

soft toys

Car Body Stickers/Decals – It definitely cool! It can be decorated to side mirrors and each of them cost less than a dollar. They are cute yet adorable.

car decals and stickers

Other small car accessories include: headrest, seatbelt cover, seat belt cover, gear knob cover, CD holder, and rear mirror cover are some other small things that make a car look girly.

girl car accessories

car seat headrest

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