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Read some branded car cover reviews here and the reviews for universal car cover available for sale in the market. These reviews are from car enthusiasts who are actually using the car cover and leave us a note here. It will certainly give you a clue if you are wondering what brand, what type, or what material of car cover that is best suitable your needs based on the whether and budget.

Car Cover
Here are some of the branded car cover reviews. These car cover brands are those you can find in most department stores or car accessories stores across the country. You can often see their advertisement through TV too.

California Car Cover Reviews

As one of the biggest car cover suppliers in California, you can find many types of car covers from small to big or from big to small for any kind of cars, exotic cars, super cars, sports cars, hot rods, trucks, SUVs, or motorcycle. If you own a car that has extraordinary shape like the Austin Eight, California car cover can custom made custom car covers for you that fit your car. The store is quite huge and it covers everything a car enthusiast need from covers to car care and cleaning products to garage tools. Just drop by and be prepared to pay a professional price for professional product range.

Wolf Car Covers

Wolf car covers are made in United States. One of its most famous car cover is the Kimberly-Clark Block-It Fabrics which have some of the highest ratings for Ultraviolet Protection. It was made with high loft and thick fabrics combines with the unique chemistries resulting a great protection for any kind of cars when they parked under sun. You can find both custom fit and universal fit car covers from Wolf.

Covercraft Car Cover Reviews

Covercraft is an exclusive manufacturer of custom vehicle covers and has been in the business for years. This brand has fabric covers, outdoor covers, indoor covers, ready-fit covers, weatherproof car covers, and custom car covers.

Review for Covercraft Ready-Fit Multibond 200 Series Long Car Cover: It is designed to protect any vehicle’s exterior and interior from moisture, mold, and UV. The cover itself is weatherproof, made of breathable fabric and features 3-layer polypropylene construction where its fibers are treated for extra UV resistance.Its non abrasive tendency prevents scratching of paint and it provides complete dust protection. This cover includes bottom-edge elastic that holds the cover tight and is equipped with grommets for a cable lock as well as an additional grommet that can be installed to accommodate the vehicle’s antenna. The vehicle cover is easy to use as well as light weight for compact storage. Its fabric is long lasting and is backed by a 2 year limited warranty on material as well as workmanship. Cons: Without built-in socks for the mirrors.

Noah Car Covers

Noah means “No Sunlight or UV ah”! Okay, just kidding. Noah has the best outdoor 4 layer protections which are protective outer layers, micro-porous middle layer, and soft, paint-protecting inner layer for your cars. Noah products also give all-weather protection with film barrier technology, non-woven, as well as mult-layer protection.

Whether it is California, Covercraft, Wolf, or Noah car covers, they are professional car covers which are made of high quality fabrics. You get what you pay for and every penny spent is worth for the value. Alternatively, you can find cheap car covers at Autozone or Pep Boys. Read these reviews before you get one that is best for your car.


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