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Here are the top 3 flash game to build a car online. Some of these online flash games are 3-D and it allows you to build a car virtually before putting any actual job to the actual car. Some other flash games available online are very simple and dull to play with because it only allows user to drag and drop the car body, car wheels, car accessories with mouse. Check out some of the interesting flash game to build a car here!

Generally there are few things when building a car online using flash program. These are some of the steps to build your own car online.

Select the car model

It depends on what kind of cars you want to build, select the car model once you have entered the manufacturer’s website. For example, select to build a Ford Mustang or Ford Focus.

Build the car exterior color

This is the most fun things to do. You can change the exterior color of the car with just one click. One click change one color and you can unlimited change the exterior color until you have found one color that you really love.

Build the desire interior

It is fun to build a car interior because not many flash programs allow the user to build the interior. MINI websites has allows you to customize your own car according to any seat colors you prefer.

Choose the car wheels

It can’t without a set of nice wheels when building a car. Many new cars has now offer optional sport rims for buyer to choose. You can choose the wheels according to the style, design, and wheel size.

Where can I build a car online?

Many car manufacturers’ website has now offer the user to build a car online before they decide which color to buy, what kind of sport rims to put, interior color, and what kind of extra accessories they want. Among the famous one are the MINI websites, Ford, Honda, Toyota, and Mazda.


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