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Design a virtual car

Here you can design a virtual car with virtual car design software before you plan to buy a new car to see the outlook of the car that you expected. Design or customize a virtual car in before you made your purchase could prevent any regrets such as the color of the car, extra car accessories, and among others. Other than having the chance to see the appearance of the car virtually, it is very fun to design and build your own dream car.

Build your own car »

Build your dream car

Here you can build your dream car online using virtual software. You can build any cars you always dream about by choosing the make, model, and model year. The online virtual software allows you to build a car according to what your preference. These have included car accessories, after market parts, air brush, body color, wheel size, and among others. Eventually it helps to save up a lot of time and money because it allows you to see how the car will look like before you put the design to …

Toy Cars »

How to build a toy car

Here are some sweet steps on how to build a toy car from scratch and 3 tips to build a toy car using recycle parts in cheapest and simplest way. Building a toy car using recycle materials can save the world. Other than that, the process to build a toy car can foster the relationship between parents and son at the same time. Toy cars can be made from almost everything like recycle tin, wood, water bottle, bottle caps, toothpicks, ice cream sticks, and among others. Here we shared 5 …

Electric Cars »

How to build an electric car

Here are steps on how to build an electric car using any cars with electric car motors, batteries and how to build the motor into the car with simple conversions. There are plenty of ways to build an electric powered car with wheel motors either using any donor cars, convert gasoline powered cars, or build it from scratch using kit cars. You can choose any preference base on your budget.

Electric Cars »

Electric car conversions

All you need to know about electric car conversions, electric car motors, batteries, and how to build an electric powered car with simple conversion is here. There are many ways to convert any fuel powered cars to electric powered from cheap method to expensive method. The conversion could be done by purchasing a set of pre-made electric car conversion kit according to specific car model or custom select the needed parts base on the electric car plan.

Build your own car »

Build your own dream car

Here is the best way to build your own dream car with the help of virtual car software and 3 tips on how to build your dream car in a real cool way. There are many ways you can design your car before putting the actual job on any cars. It could be done using virtual software or put the design on any miniature cars or diecast cars. This helps to prevent any regrets especially painting a car that hardly gives an undo work.