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How to build a toy car


Here are some sweet steps on how to build a toy car from scratch and 3 tips to build a toy car using recycle parts in cheapest and simplest way. Building a toy car using recycle materials can save the world. Other than that, the process to build a toy car can foster the relationship between parents and son at the same time. Toy cars can be made from almost everything like recycle tin, wood, water bottle, bottle caps, toothpicks, ice cream sticks, and among others. Here we shared 5 steps on how to build a rubber band propelled toy car.

Step 1 Prepare material for the car

  • Recycle box. Choose a simple box work as the car body. Cookie box, toothpaste box, or any box depends on the car size you want.
  • Empty ball pen ink tube. Get 2 empty ball pen ink tubes to work as front and rear axle.
  • Four bottle caps. Get 4 bottle caps to work as the wheels.
  • Rubber band. This is the engine!

Step 2 Build the car wheels

Make a small hole at each of the bottle caps. The hole size has to be same with the ink tube diameter. This is to allow the ink tube go through the bottle caps.

Step 3 Build the car body

Measure properly where to fit in front and rear axle (empty ball pen ink tube) and make 4 holes. An ideal measurement will be 1 inch from each end of the box. Now cut away one side of the box so that it looks like an open roof toy car. To make life a little bit more colorful, you can wrap up the box with some color papers and draw some air brush or put some design on it.

Step 4 Build the car

Now fit the bottle caps to the axle, and fit the axle to the car body and make the car. Make an “n” shape hole at the body near to front axle. The convex will work as rubber band support to hold one side of the rubber band. Alternatively, you can add a small piece of toothpick to give more support.

Step 5 Complete the toy car and start run

How to build a toy car is easy but how to use the cheapest way to build the fastest toy car isn’t simple. Now tie a knot at another end of the rubber band to the rear axle. Wind the rear wheels in clockwise; put it on the floor, release the car and it will go! See also how to build a rubber band car.

Tips to build a toy car

Here are the 3 tips to build a toy car so that it can go faster.

1. Use rubber band to circle the bottle caps. This is to give a set of “tires” to the car and reduce friction with the floor. This can make the car go faster.

2. Rubber band is something very cheap. A dollar you can get tons of rubber bands. How fast a toy car can go depends on the tensions of the rubber band. Therefore buy a better rubber band, it cost almost nothing.

3. Car body size and the weight of the toy car play an important part in speed. Do not choose big box or heavy box to give more burdens to the car.
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