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Here you can design a virtual car with virtual car design software before you plan to buy a new car to see the outlook of the car that you expected. Design or customize a virtual car in before you made your purchase could prevent any regrets such as the color of the car, extra car accessories, and among others. Other than having the chance to see the appearance of the car virtually, it is very fun to design and build your own dream car.

Design a virtual MINI

There are many websites offer great software to design any virtual cars. Here we will lead you to some great place. For a virtual MINI Cooper, the best place to drop by is MINI website. The website offers very powerful virtual software to design a Mini cooper. You can choose any MINI model you prefer, and from there you can customize the car exterior color, interior seat and panel color, add extra accessories such as automatic air conditioning, digital radio, navigation system, and among others. The website will show the actual price on top each time something is added to the car.

Design a virtual Ford Mustang

If you are a Ford Mustang lover and you wish to design or customize your own Mustang car, Ponybuilder is a great place to drop by. You can select the model you prefer, choose your prefer color, and add on some after market parts like Body kits, wheels, spoiler, upper grilles, lower grille inserts, spoiler, front fascia, side skirts, hood, fenders, and many more.

Other than Mini Cooper and Ford Mustang, you can try out some other virtual software to build your own car. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and some other car makers are available.

Tips to design a virtual car

Although there are man software assists you to design a nice customized car, there are still some tips you will need to know before you can get the virtual car you wish. Here we share the top 5 things to really design a nice car.

1. Car model. Everyone’s preference is different, but make sure you choose a car with special shape that is attractive and cool to put your effort on it.

2. Exterior color. Now you can put a nice paint to the car base on what colors you like. Some people would prefer to mix their own color.

3. Interior design. Interior design is very important as you will be the driver, you will be the one who hold the steering and enjoy everything around. Therefore choose what you want. A set of nice sound systems, a set of nice gauges, a comfortable seat, and others.

4. Wheels. Most of the cool cars come with cool wheels. No pimped out cars without a set of nice and outstanding wheels.

5. Car accessories. A car can look wonderful with after market parts that specially build for the car. Other than that, stickers, decals, or air brush is something you can see the appearance when design a car virtually.
MINI Cooper


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