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All you need to know about electric car conversions, electric car motors, batteries, and how to build an electric powered car with simple conversion is here. There are many ways to convert any fuel powered cars to electric powered from cheap method to expensive method. The conversion could be done by purchasing a set of pre-made electric car conversion kit according to specific car model or custom select the needed parts base on the electric car plan.

Typical conversion usually uses DC controller and DC motor because it is much cheaper, simpler, and readily available in most places. Here is a list of what you need or what is included in a standard electric car kit.

Donor car

First of everything you will need a donor car. Any small or small-medium size car with curb weight between 500-1000kg makes better conversion. This is because lighter car require less energy to drive. It is not recommended to choose a car with heavy chassis.

Electric car motors

An electric car motor normally used to run an EV stays between 96 volts and 192 volts. This is to consider the quantity and weight of the batteries needed. Brushless electric motor are more efficient to be used because it is controlled by computer and it is more precise, less electrical noise, no brushes to wear out, and more efficient.

Motor controller

The motor controller is to regulate the power from the batteries to the motor base on the input you give (how much you step on the pedal). Your controller will have to be DC controller if you choose a DC motor.

Motor mount

Mounting the motor to the car subframe and fit the motor to the transmission is one of the most challenging and difficult part of electric car conversions. You will need to customize the subframe to fit in the motor and also an adaptor plate works as a connector between the motor and the transmission.

Electric car transmissions

Majority of the converted electric car on the road today are running on manual transmission. We will recommend manual transmission too. This is because manual works better and more efficient than automatics. If a manual electric car gives 40 – 50 miles, the same model with automatic may only give 25 – 35 miles. See the difference?

Electric car batteries

Batteries available to choose are:

  • Lithium-ion batteries (Brand available: Thunder Sky,
  • Marine deep-cycle lead-acid batteries (available almost everywhere: Trojan, Crown and among others)
  • Batteries used in forklift
  • Golf-cart batteries
  • Sealed batteries

You will have to choose the right charger no matter what kind of batteries you choose. Other than that, you will need a right battery box, cables, battery cable ends, boots, heat shrink, and markers.

Power steering and air-conditioning

It is not recommend having that if you are a beginner.

Gauges, connectors and other kit

You will need a set of nice gauges telling you how much volt you left such as Amp Gauge and Volt gauge. Cables, connectors, contactor (ignition), DC-DC converters, fuse, fuse block, relay, and emergency cut-off switch are all needed.

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