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Antique Pedal Car For Sale

Antique pedal car for sale! This is a 1967 Austin J40 antique pedal car. This is one very rare pedal car in the market made in 1967. This car is painted with correct tartan red and correct tan/beige trim. It has been fully restored to a very high standard number of years ago and still in superb unmarked condition. The car is in full working order including lights and horn.

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First Car Death

Have you ever wonder where and when was the world’s first car death? Karl Benz was the first person, who invented the first car powered by gasoline in 1886. At that time the Benz Patent Motorwagen top speed is already 11.81 mph (19 kmh) which is fast enough to hurt a people. However, the first person who died in a car accident according to history was happened on 1869 before Karl Benz’s car was invented.

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DeLorean for sale

Rare cars for sale! Here we have a wonderful and immaculate condition DeLorean for sale. This is a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. Originally built by DeLorean Motor Company and this is one of the most wanted back to the future DeLorean. The DMC-12 was featured as the time machine in Back to the Future movie as the Back To The Future Car. Now it can be yours for just £18999 or any offers around this price.

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Smart car accessories

Smart will look smarter will all the cool accessories specially made for Smart car. Here is your delicious A-list of Smart car accessories that will gets the car pimped. All these after market car parts and car accessories are specially built for all the Smart cars. Often after market car accessories and custom made accessories are the only things to make your car look special. If you would like to customize your own car or personalize your own Smart car, you would have to check out all the accessories available …

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Low cost car rental

Here are some of the great tips to get low cost car rental and low cost car hire in US, UK, Europe, and worldwide. Imagine if a car rental company having extra cars and did not rent them out, it is a waste for them to keep the car. Therefore, car rental companies will prefer to rent out these cars in cheaper price rather than keeping these cars in their garage and waste the resources. The question is WHERE and HOW to find these cheap car rental?

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Young drivers car insurance (UK)

Here you can find first class young drivers car insurance in UK with reasonable price and 3 wonderful tips to get cheap car insurance for young drivers in UK. You can anytime get discount up to 45% and discount for no claims bonus. This could help to save up few hundred dollars in a year. Why pay more while you don’t have to?