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UK car insurance brokers

Here is the list of UK car insurance brokers from A to Z. The list of car insurance brokers in UK is updated from time to time by online user. You can go through the list base on the insurance company name or town name in UK. It makes thing easier to look for suitable and reliable car insurance with reasonable price near you.

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Car auctions in Colchester UK

Here are all the information for car auctions in Colchester and 3 tips on how to get cheap cars from car auctions in Colchester and the UK. Colchester is Europe’s largest car auction centre. Every month there are over thousands of cars, trucks, commercial vehicle, vans, and motorbike available in the auction. You can find a lot of good deal from there, here we show you how.

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List of car insurance groups (UK)

Here is the list of car insurance groups in UK. You can check what insurance groups is your car and how it affects your car insurance premiums. It is common that any cars fall in lower insurance groups in the UK attract a lower premium while cars in higher insurance groups will have to pay higher premium. Therefore it is good to understand how it works in the UK before you decide to buy any cars. This will help to save up some money on car insurance.

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Car insurance for young drivers in UK

Here is your delicious A-list of available car insurance for UK young drivers and top 5 tips to get cheap car insurance for young drivers especially in UK. Car insurance is seems one of the most resented financial product among all consumers in UK especially for young people who just started to own a car. However, it is something that is compulsory to have especially new drivers who never have any real driving experience before. So, what is really the best for young drivers?

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Temporary UK car insurance

This is one of the best places to drop by if you are looking for temporary UK car insurance or short term car insurance in UK to get any temporary cover. It makes sense that the short term car insurance is the best ideal solution or greatest choice for anyone who would like to get a short term cover at least 1 day to the most 28 days to cover any type of cars.

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Car road test (UK)

Car road test in UK has always done by a lot of cars related company, related website, and some car insurance company in UK. These road test reports are shared here. One of the most famous road testers from UK is Jeremy Clarkson who best known for the famous car show “Top Gear”. Top Gear is a television series about all sort of cars such as any fully rebuild classic cars, customized cars, special production cars, super exotic sports carsand many more.