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Car insurance for young drivers in UK


Here is your delicious A-list of available car insurance for UK young drivers and top 5 tips to get cheap car insurance for young drivers especially in UK. Car insurance is seems one of the most resented financial product among all consumers in UK especially for young people who just started to own a car. However, it is something that is compulsory to have especially new drivers who never have any real driving experience before. So, what is really the best for young drivers?

If there is only 10 car insurance companies available in UK, 9 insurance companies will give high car insurance quotes for young drivers. One of the main reasons is because the car accident rate is high for young drivers and teenager. See why is car insurance so high for teenagers?

Saving money on young drivers’ car insurance policy has never been so easy but there are still ways to save a lot of money on it. Here we share you some of the tips to get cheap car insurance quotes for young drivers in UK or anywhere else in this world.

1. Get good student discount

Do you know that most of the car insurance companies offer a great discount for young drivers who have good result in any secondary school, college, or University? If you do have a good result as evidence, show it!

2. Get it under parent’s car insurance policy

Purchase the car with parent’s name, and then place the young driver’s name on parent’s policy as “named driver”. This will help to save up a lot of money. Sometimes the difference between the cheapest and most expensive car insurance for UK young drivers can be few hundred GBP pounds.

3. Buy a smaller car

Consider buying a smaller and safer car with airbag, ABS brake systems, theft alarm systems, and auto-lock door will lead you to cheaper car insurance.

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Where to get car insurance for young drivers?

Buy Online

There are many websites in UK offer a good price for car insurance if you know how to negotiate with them. Remember to:

  • Get more quotes from different website. It is FREE!
  • Provide them the supportive documents. Academy results, driving history, and others.

If you are providing car insurance for young drivers in the UK and you would like to list your information here, please contact us.

In conclusion, buying the right insurance from the right company at the right price will bring a lot of benefits when unexpected accidents really happen. There is nothing to lost to read more car insurance for UK young drivers.
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