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Here are all the information for car auctions in Colchester and 3 tips on how to get cheap cars from car auctions in Colchester and the UK. Colchester is Europe’s largest car auction centre. Every month there are over thousands of cars, trucks, commercial vehicle, vans, and motorbike available in the auction. You can find a lot of good deal from there, here we show you how.

Car auctions meaning a public sale in which a car or a vehicle are sold to the highest bidder. In other words, a person who willing to pay the highest for the car can bring the car home at the end of the car.

car auctions uk

Why there are cars for auction

  • Some of the auction cars are donated from people.
  • Some are bank repossessed cars due to the previous owner not able to pay for the monthly installment.
  • Some are impounded cars from government.
  • There are always good deal with some reasons, you will just have to believe it and check the car properly.

What to do before car auctions

  • Prepare enough money based on your budget.
  • Check properly the vehicle’s VIN# number before you buy it.
  • Do not forget extra fee you have to pay instead of the car price you bid. These fees are the processing fees, contract fees, and car insurance. Check properly all the costs.

Car auctions tips

There are many car auctions in Colchester. Mark down the auction date, auction centres, vehicle types, and other information in the auction calendar. Follow the auction calendar properly. Check out when the next auction date is, plan well, prepare your money and set a good target or limit. Do not over bid!

Car auctions in UK

MANHEIM. Manheim Auctions is one of the most famous car auctions in the UK. It has a around 20 remarketing centres in the UK and this has include the car auction centre at Colchester. Manheim often offers more than 50 auctions every week! Manheim Auctions is located at Colchester Road, Frating, Colchester. The contact number is 0870 252 0403.

There are many other well known car auctions available in some other states in UK such as Hobbs and Parker, BCA (British Car Auctions), BMA (British Motor Auctions Ltd), H&H Motor Auctions, Bawtry Motor Auction, Dingwall Motor Auctions, CVA (Commercial Vehicle Auctions), Eastbourne Car Auctions, Clwyd Auction Centre, Husseys car auctions in Exeter, Central Car Auctions in Glasgow, Stoodley Vehicle Auctions in Manchester, Docklands Auction in London, Thameside Motor Auctions, Liverpool Motor Auction in Loverpool, and many more.


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