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This is one of the best places to drop by if you are looking for temporary UK car insurance or short term car insurance in UK to get any temporary cover. It makes sense that the short term car insurance is the best ideal solution or greatest choice for anyone who would like to get a short term cover at least 1 day to the most 28 days to cover any type of cars.

There are many people do not know there is a short term car insurance available in UK. People who do not know about this temporary car insurance always spent extra money to purchase the long term insurance and just use it for a short period.

As a qualify driver in UK, it’s often that you may want to driver another person’s car, van, truck, or any other type of vehicles that does not belongs to you. So, under what kind of circumstances that we need temporary car insurance?

  • Your friend goes overseas for work or tour in few weeks and leaves the car for you to drive.
  • Your friend coming from overseas and need to drive your car for temporary.
  • You are planning to go for a long drive trip and share to drive a car that does not belong to you.
  • You are borrowing a relative’s car or vehicle for a weekend.
  • Company loan a car to their staff for a short period.

Among all the possible cases above, car insurance is one of the compulsory to have but you do not want to spend too much to pay for insurance. Therefore, the most cost effective is to go for the temporary car insurance. This helps to save a lot of money and get the best insurance cover.

How it works?

Temporary car insurance works best for a period between 1 and 28 days. You will only need to tell the car insurance company how many days you need to cover, and what kind of cover you need, either is a comprehensive or third party (See What is comprehensive car insurance). You can then get the policy just in few minutes. Usually short term car insurance is comprehensive or first party. However, some insurance company did offer third party insurance for temporary cover.

Most of the temporary car insurance provided in UK is available for people who have a standard UK driving license, or a recognized international driving license, or a European driving license.

What to consider when choosing the temporary car insurance?

  • Is the short term car insurance affect or not affect the no claims discount on the car’s main insurance policy? Some short term insurance is very cheap but it may affect the no-claims bonus on the main car insurance at risk.
  • Is the policy cover driving out of UK like places in Europe? This is pretty much depends on your trip and usage.
  • Is the policy covers the car breakdown?
  • Are the insurance cover different types of vehicles such as classics or Motorhomes?

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Where to get temporary car insurance

Buy Online

There are many reliable car insurance company websites has now allow you to buy car insurance online. It is very easy to get online car insurance quotes in just seconds by sitting in front of your computer. It is much easier to make comparison from few difference companies and get the best insurance that suits your needs.

If you are providing temporary or short term car insurance in the UK and you would like to add your information here, please contact us at: malaysiaminilover [at] gmail [dot] com.

In conclusion, add to the fact that unless accident happens within the short period of time, or else there will be no tangible return to the car insurance that you have purchased. Thus, if you just need to drive a car for short period, DON’T PAY MORE! It is the best to go for temporary car insurance.
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