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Young drivers car insurance (UK)


Here you can find first class young drivers car insurance in UK with reasonable price and 3 wonderful tips to get cheap car insurance for young drivers in UK. You can anytime get discount up to 45% and discount for no claims bonus. This could help to save up few hundred dollars in a year. Why pay more while you don’t have to?

It is not uncommon for new drivers and young people who have just got their provisional license to find affordable car insurance. The reason why is car insurance so high for teenagers is because teenager tends to drive faster and the new drivers are more reckless compared to elder driver.

Tips to get cheap car insurance for young drivers

There are some homework and preparation need to be done before you could request for car insurance quotes from any car insurance companies. Get these 3 things prepare and you will at least get some discounts on your car insurance policy.

  1. Good student always got discount! Yes good student with good academy result always have to advantages to get discount on young drivers car insurance. Prepare a set of academy result in any secondary school, college, or University and show the evidence.
  2. Choose a safety car. Have you ever heard of “the safer the cheaper”? Choose a car with more safety feature will give any young drivers cheaper car insurance in UK. For example, anti-theft system, auto-lock, airbag, GPS tracking. See also car insurance UK young drivers.
  3. Safety Drive Certificate. If you own a recognized certificate from any safety driving school, show it to insurance company while you request for car insurance quotes.

Where to find it?

Sometimes cheap car insurance for young drivers can still be expensive compared to elder driver. However, you can still get good discount through some company’s website like AA-Zurich and Swinton-Kwit Fit. There are also some insurance brokers site allow you to compare over 100 insurance companies in UK with their system online. From there you can definitely get the best deal.


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