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Top 10 Car Rental Companies

In the car rental market, there are too many car rental companies can be found from A to Z. Some provide really good services while some provide bad cars with expensive charges especially to tourist. In our life often we fall in the situation where we need car rental. Either we rent a car during our holiday, wedding ceremony, temporary job relocation, or as a replacement when own car is under repair. Therefore, it is advisable to rent a car from car rental companies with good reputation to avoid such …

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Low cost car rental

Here are some of the great tips to get low cost car rental and low cost car hire in US, UK, Europe, and worldwide. Imagine if a car rental company having extra cars and did not rent them out, it is a waste for them to keep the car. Therefore, car rental companies will prefer to rent out these cars in cheaper price rather than keeping these cars in their garage and waste the resources. The question is WHERE and HOW to find these cheap car rental?

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Costa Rica car rental

There are a lot of  car rental near San Jose, Santo Domingo, and Sabanilla. Of course, each of them has their own promotions and deals on car rental. However, not every car rental company in Costa Rica will offer you the best deal you need. Here is the top 5 most reliable and cheap car rental in Costa Rica. These car rental companies are located at all the famous places from San Jose to Sabanilla. You can always choose to pick up the rental car at Liberia airport. In order to make …

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Exotic car rentals

Here is your delicious list of luxury exotic car rentals at all the cool cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, St Louis Mo, Miami, and other places. With all these cool and luxury exotic cars, it will definitely make your holiday like a real happy holiday. Have you ever imagine yourself driving a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren in Tampa Florida or Hawaii during your holiday? If driving a cool exotic car at is your dream, why not try to rent one on your beautiful holiday with your love one?

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Rent to own cars

What is rent to own cars? It is an idea to rent your own car and it will be yours when last payment cleared. Here we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of having these kind of cars. The rent-to-own program has become common in many states like Louisiana, San Diego, Florida, Houston, California, and among others. It usually brings benefits for people with very little budget but wish to own a car, people with bad credit car loans, bad financial record, as well as some people that need a …

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Car hire with driver in Switzerland

Here is the information on car rentals and car hire with driver in Switzerland. You can hire a cheap car with driver in Switzerland easily. If you are going to Switzerland for a holiday, it is either you rent a car to drive around by yourself, or hire a driver to drive you around Switzerland. The best way is to get car hire with driver if that is your first time travel to Switzerland.