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Car hire with driver in Switzerland


Here is the information on car rentals and car hire with driver in Switzerland. You can hire a cheap car with driver in Switzerland easily. If you are going to Switzerland for a holiday, it is either you rent a car to drive around by yourself, or hire a driver to drive you around Switzerland. The best way is to get car hire with driver if that is your first time travel to Switzerland.

Renting a car in Switzerland is something very easy. It is nothing but choose the car you want from car rentals website, put in your arriving date and time to the airport, make down payment and you will get the car at the airport on the date. However, there is some information need to be known.

Driver age limit

Driver age is a huge concerned in Switzerland. The legal driving age is Switzerland is same with most of other countries which is 18 years old. However, the majority of car rental companies in Switzerland do not want to rent their car to drivers under 25. You may still able to find some companies rent a car to young driver but it will be costly.

Rent a car with insurance

Some of the car rental companies require young driver to rent the car with car insurance, this will cost a little bit extra. Alternatively, it is to get a driver when hiring a car.

Speed limit to drive a car in Switzerland

The standard speed limits in Switzerland city are 50 km/h (31mph), major roads 80 km/h (49mph), and highways is 100 km/h (62 mph) or 120 km/h (74mph).

Hire a car with driver in Switzerland

There are many convenience public transports like trains and buses in Switzerland, but it will be better to rent a car if you would like to explore the 12 regions that make up the beautiful Switzerland.

In order to use Swiss highways, all cars must be equipped with Vignette (Swiss toll pass). It is available for sale at SNTO (Swiss National Tourism Offices) for approximately US$ 27 dollars.

If you have enough hard life in your past, and now you have made some money, it is time to rent a car with chauffeur service in Switzerland. It is very comfortable to travel around Geneva, Neuchatel, and many other interesting places.


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