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Top 10 Car Rental Companies


In the car rental market, there are too many car rental companies can be found from A to Z. Some provide really good services while some provide bad cars with expensive charges especially to tourist. In our life often we fall in the situation where we need car rental. Either we rent a car during our holiday, wedding ceremony, temporary job relocation, or as a replacement when own car is under repair. Therefore, it is advisable to rent a car from car rental companies with good reputation to avoid such headaches.

Here are the top 10 car rental companies you can always see at almost every international airport and local airport. These are some of the best car rental companies that great services and good feedback from people who used to rent a car from them.

  1. EnterpriseRent-A-Car
  2. Budget Car Rental
  3. National Car Rental
  4. Hertz Car Rental
  5. AVIS Car Rental
  6. AlamoCar Rental
  7. Thrifty Car Rental
  8. Dollar Rent A Car
  9. Payless Car Rental
  10. Advantage Car Rental

These are the top 10 famous car rental companies that you can always see at most of the airports or famous tourist spot. However, there are few more reputable companies other than the 10 listed here including AAA Car Rental. See also: Rent to own cars, Exotic car rentals, Luxury car rental, Canadian car rental companies, Low cost car rental, Cheap car rentals in UK.

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Tips to Rent a Car, how to get discount?

Now you have got a rough idea about car rental companies, but there are some little tips to get cheap car rental. Some car rental companies often give away car rental discount coupons or car rental discount code to their consumers through their websites or emails. Get these coupons or code, print it out, and you can enjoy up to 30% of discount on car rentals. You will save $30 on a $100 dollars deal, isn’t it good?

So, what are the steps to get car rental discounts? Here we give an example for Enterprisecar rental coupons. You can go to their official website (click here) to sign up for email extras to receiveEnterprise car rental coupons, car rental discounts, and other special offers fromEnterprise. It is more or less the same way to get Budget car rental coupons, Avis car rental coupons, AAA car rental discount,Alamo car rental discount codes, and other car rental coupons from their official websites. Great discount is one biggest advantages when rent a car from famous car rental companies.


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