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Chery Cars

Chery is currently one of the most famous car brands from China. Cherycars are cute, reliable, and most important it is very cheap to buy.
Local government-own China car maker Chery Automobile (奇瑞汽车) was founded in 1997 in Anhui Province. Base on the sales figures in 2010, Chery is the seventh most industrious Chinese car manufacturer. Nearly 700,000 units of Chery cars were sold in 2010, marking it a new success for an automobile company that established less than 20 years in the market.

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Top ten RC car brands

Here is your delicious A-list of the latest top ten RC car brands from around the world. The cars in the top ten list are most updated and some of the cars won the RC cars competition last year. Some of these cars are gas powered, some are Nitro powered, while some are electric powered. We ranked it according to the car performance, selling price, as well as the top speed of the car.

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Country of origin of car brands

Here are the top 10 country of origin of car brands and the full list of car brands. These car brands are the top selling car brand in the world and if you wonder where the country of origin of the car you like is, this is the list you can’t overlook. Most of the people know that Ford is from America, Ferrari is from Italy, Mini is from UK, but there is still many other car brands like Bufori, AMC, Wuling that you might not know.

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Oldsmobile cars were there when automobile industry just started to grow up. It was founded in 1897 by Ransom E. Olds.
With over 100 years in making cars, it produced more than 35 million cars over the century. Owned by General Motors (GM), Oldsmobile is currently one of the longest, oldest, and yet surviving American car brands in the world after Daimler and Peugeot.

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List of top selling car brands in France

This is the list of top selling car brands in France and Europe in 2009. The list of top selling car brands here are based on the number of cars sold in 2009. You can also find how many percentage of market share the car manufacturers hold.

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Top ten car manufacturers

Here are the top ten car manufacturers ranking. Some car manufacturers brands may already in your mind but some brands are unpredictable. The ranking here is based on the total number of vehicles roll off the production line in 2009. However, total vehicle production doesn’t mean the quality of these cars is in top ten. This is because some cars like Ferrari are built with high quality but the price is high and that’s the reason the production is limited. Whatever it is, check out this top ten list.