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Top ten car manufacturers


Here are the top ten car manufacturers ranking. Some car manufacturers brands may already in your mind but some brands are unpredictable. The ranking here is based on the total number of vehicles roll off the production line in 2009. However, total vehicle production doesn’t mean the quality of these cars is in top ten. This is because some cars like Ferrari are built with high quality but the price is high and that’s the reason the production is limited. Whatever it is, check out this top ten list.

1. Toyota

Well, Toyota is still number one in the top ten list. Toyota built a total number of 7,234,439 vehicles in 2009. Among this amount there are over 6 million Toyota cars were built.

2. GM

Slightly a little bit lesser than Toyota, American company General Motors had build 6,459,053 GM cars in 2009. The top four best selling car brands in GM are Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC.

3. Volkswagen

The German’s people car Volkswagen is staying at number three in the list with 6,067,208 Volkswagen cars were built in 2009.

4. Ford

The most famous and oldest American car brand Ford is sitting at number four in the list. In 2009, Ford had produced 4,685,394 Ford cars and commercial vehicles.

5. Hyundai

The largest South-Korean car manufacturer is sitting at number five. Hyundai produced 4,645,776 Hyundai cars in 2009 which is just slightly lesser than Ford. It is an impressive competition for these two major car brands.

6. PSA (Peugeot Citroën)

Peugeot cars and Citroën cars are representative of French manufacturer. The production of 3,042,311 cars let them sit at number six in the list.

7. Honda

Here comes another famous Japanese car maker, Honda. Honda produced 3,012,637 Honda cars in 2009 and the amount shows a very competitive challenge to PSA cars.

8. Nissan

One of the leaders in making nice and famous sports car, Nissan, is sitting at number eight in the list. In 2009, Nissan produced 2,744,562 Nissan cars and sold worldwide.

9. Fiat

Famous since decades ago, the Fiat is sitting at number nine with the total motor vehicle production of 2,460,222 Fiat cars.

10. Suzuki

By making great value and affordable cars, Suzuki slipped into number ten in the list with 2,387,537 Suzuki cars were built and sold in 2009. Stay tuned and check back again for more.


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