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Car Manufacturer Logos

Here is the complete list of car manufacturer logos and car company logos from A-Z you ever wanted. All these car logos endow with an influential visual image for car enthusiasts and automobile buyers. On the other hand, car logos are important as a symbol for advertising, brand identity, and meaning. Consumers may not remember a car brand but they can recognize car logos.

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Top ten car manufacturers

Here are the top ten car manufacturers ranking. Some car manufacturers brands may already in your mind but some brands are unpredictable. The ranking here is based on the total number of vehicles roll off the production line in 2009. However, total vehicle production doesn’t mean the quality of these cars is in top ten. This is because some cars like Ferrari are built with high quality but the price is high and that’s the reason the production is limited. Whatever it is, check out this top ten list.

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Car Manufacturer Statistics

Here you can find 2009 and 2010 car manufacturer statistics by country, by production, and by car manufacturers. The statistic source is from OICA.

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List of car manufacturers

List of car manufacturers name from A-Z, list from the best to worst, from most successful to defunct cars manufacturers is all here. MalaysiaMiniLover give the list of all manufacturers name from most car sales to least and from the funniest car names to the weirdest. Over few decades, new car manufacturers keep on coming up in most of the strong country since first car invented.

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German car makers

Do you know the first car invented by German car makers Karl Benz? This has brought car makers in Germany a big evolution since the first petrol powered car invented. Soon after, Nikolaus Otto from Germany invented the first four strokes internal-combustion engine to efficiently burn fuel directly in a piston chamber which used in most of our cars on the road today. In 2003, Germany manufactured 5.5 million vehicles and sell worldwide, it has made Germany the world’s third largest automobiles makers following the United States and Japan.