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Do you know the first car invented by German car makers Karl Benz? This has brought car makers in Germany a big evolution since the first petrol powered car invented. Soon after, Nikolaus Otto from Germany invented the first four strokes internal-combustion engine to efficiently burn fuel directly in a piston chamber which used in most of our cars on the road today. In 2003, Germany manufactured 5.5 million vehicles and sell worldwide, it has made Germany the world’s third largest automobiles makers following the United States and Japan.

Here we shared a list of German inventors and discovers who contribute a lot in automobile industry.

1. Karl Benz – invented the first petrol powered car in 1885 and unveiled in 1886. He is the pioneer founder of all the automobile manufacturer. Karl Benz was a great German automobile engineer specializing in designing car and car engine. Read more: who invented the car, inventor of the car.

2. Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler – Karl Benz invented the first car as a three wheel car, later on Gottlieb invented the first four-wheeled car and first high-speed petrol engine.

3. Wilhelm Maybach – Partner with Gottlieb Wilhem Daimler invented the first four-wheeled car, petrol powered motorcycle, and engine boat. One of the greatest invention by both of them is in 1902, the Mercedes car model.

4. Nikolaus August Otto – inventor of the first internal combustion engine and the first person who make it practical. Nikolaus had also invented the famous “Otto engine” which was a large stationary single-cylinder internal combustion four-stroke engine.

5. Rudolf Diesel – A born in France inventor by German parents who invented the diesel engine that used in most of the diesel car today.

6. Gottlob Honold – inventor of the spark plug, headlights, and modern internal combustion engine.

All these great German inventors had contributed a lot to the automobile industry in Germany and make all German car makers dominate the automobile sector globally. Check out also Top 20 best selling cars in Germany.

List of major German car makers

Here is the list of famous German automobile manufacturer that you must be know today.

  • Audi – Luxury German car manufacturer.
  • BMW – German luxury car designer.
  • Daimler AG – German car corporation (not British Daimler Motor Company)
  • Mayback – A German luxury car manufacturer founded in 1909 by Wilhem Maybach. The brand is owned by Daimler AG today.
  • Mercedes-Benz – One of the most famous German made luxury car that represent elegance.
  • Opel – A well known German automobile company since 1929 until today.
  • Porsche – Famous for high performance and high quality sports car designer and manufacturer.
  • Rolls-Royce – British manufacturer but partially own by German manufacturer.
  • Volkswagen – One of greatest German car manufacturer who build the Bugatti Veyron that used to be world fastest car.

In a nutshell, reliable, quality, and durable is best to describe German car makers.
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