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Chery is currently one of the most famous car brands from China. Cherycars are cute, reliable, and most important it is very cheap to buy.

Local government-own China car maker Chery Automobile (奇瑞汽车) was founded in 1997 in Anhui Province. Base on the sales figures in 2010, Chery is the seventh most industrious Chinese car manufacturer. Nearly 700,000 units of Chery cars were sold in 2010, marking it a new success for an automobile company that established less than 20 years in the market.

Chery Logo

Chery Logo

Chery, “Qi Rui” (奇瑞) in Chinese, is a state-owned enterprise automobile manufacturer. The production of first Chery cars started in 1999 using a model from Volkswagen, the SEAT Toledo. The brand quickly hit the market and exports its vehicles to other countries.

In 2003, Chery hired an engineer from Mitsubishi to enhance its technology and the quality of their vehicles. Well, the sales figure has shown this car brand really doing well. Within few years time, the sales of Chery cars from nearly 2,000 units sold in 2000 grown to nearly 700,000 units sold in 2010. Cherry is currently the top export Chinese car brands.

List Of Chery Cars Models

  • 2000 – Chery Fulwin/Windcloud – It is known as 风云 in Chinese which represents cool and powerful. The production of Fulwin ceased in 2006. The rest of the models here are currently in production.
  • 2003 – Chery QQ/QQ3. Chery QQ is the top selling cars and well-known in Asia.
  • 2003 Cowin/Flagcloud (旗云) (codename A15) 1.5L 1.6L sedan
  • 2003 Eastar (东方之子) (codename B11) mid-size sedan
  • 2005 Tiggo (瑞虎) (codename T11) 1.6L & 2.0L & 2.4L compact SUV
  • 2006 – A5 (codename A21) — 1.5L, 1.6L & 2.0L sedan
  • 2006 – V5/Eastar5 (codename B14) — 1.8L, 2.0L & 2.4L minivan
  • 2006 – QQ6 (codename S21) — 1.1L & 1.3L city car
  • 2006 – Karry a small panel van.
  • 2007 – A1 (codename S12) – 1.2L 1.3L city car
  • 2008 – A3 [21] (codename M11) – 1.6L 1.8L sedan/hatchback
  • 2009 – QQme (codename S16) – city car
  • 2009 – Riich G5 (codename A6) – 2.0T
  • 2009 – Riich M1

Other than some of the listed Chery models above, Chery is intended to build Chery electric cars and the production may start in 2012. The current Chery electric cars are the Chery Riich M1 EV. In a nutshell, Chery is to target car user who look for cheap car especially for town use. Chery brand may not famous in the U.S., UK, or Europe but we couldn’t admit that it has taken a big share of the Asian’s car market including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, as well as Taiwan. If you want a cheap and reliable car why not consider to choose Chery cars?


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