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Eleven most famous car brands slipped into the top 100 brands of 2011

Few more days we going to say good bye to the year of 2011 and welcome 2012. Again, it is time to look back what we did and plan for what we are going to do. This year, the top ten most famous car brands including Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Ford, Audi, Hyundai, Porsche, Nissan, and Ferrari have slipped into the top 100 brands of 2011 with the total brand value of 138.7 billion.

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Country of origin of car brands

Here are the top 10 country of origin of car brands and the full list of car brands. These car brands are the top selling car brand in the world and if you wonder where the country of origin of the car you like is, this is the list you can’t overlook. Most of the people know that Ford is from America, Ferrari is from Italy, Mini is from UK, but there is still many other car brands like Bufori, AMC, Wuling that you might not know.

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List of top selling car brands in France

This is the list of top selling car brands in France and Europe in 2009. The list of top selling car brands here are based on the number of cars sold in 2009. You can also find how many percentage of market share the car manufacturers hold.

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Car Brands

Here is your delicious A-list of car brands name from A to Z from all around the world since 1800. Some car brands appeared and some ceased before you born while some cars are still exists until today. The list of car brands here is one of the most complete lists you ever wanted. Check it out and have your pleasure to view the list.