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Rover Mini SPi Engine Misfire and Fuel Problem

For those who are driving a Rover Mini Cooper, Rover Mini Mayfair, or any Mini made between 1992 to 1997 (MK VI and early MK VII) with SPi engine, you should read this article if you are having problem with the SPi engine. There are many possibilities with the SPi and MPi engine and that leads to frustration and most Mini owners replace the injection with carburetor system. It is not really hard to maintain a SPi engine if you have the right mechanic and knowledge. Below here is an …

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Where is the fuel filter located on my car?

Here is the answer with pictures tell you where is the fuel filter located on my car. Fuel filter usually located in different place for different cars. However, there is a standard to find out where it exactly located no matter what kind of car you are driving. It always related with fuel tank, fuel lines, and fuel system. Check it out.

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Where is the fuel filter located?

Where is the fuel filter located on my car? Here is the answer for some cars with pictures tell you where it is located and steps on changing a fuel filter. Usually the fastest and easiest way to locate a fuel filter on your car is refer to the user manual or the car repair manual. However, it is often that a lot of car owner do not know where they put their user manual after some time.

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Changing a fuel filter

Changing a fuel filter on any cars is something very simple and easy as long as you follow the 3 steps fuel filter replacement given here. Here we show you step by step instruction to remove and replace a fuel filter in correct way with correct tools. It just takes a few minutes to complete! It could be an easy job if the method is correct and it could be a hard job if the way to do it is incorrect.

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Track fuel mileage

Here we shared the best technique to track fuel mileage on any kind of cars. All you need is a calculator to track mileage on your car base on the fuel you buy. You don’t need a PDA, pocket pc, or any kind of software in your home computer to track the mileage. This is because every car gives different fuel mileage even though same make and model year. It mainly depends on the way you drive the car.

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Top 10 Fuel saving tips

Here is the best Top 10 fuel saving tips that helps you to get more mileage, save more money, and enhance your car’s fuel economy as well as use less fuel. These tips are for any cars regardless of cars under 1000 dollars or any exotic fast cars, trucks, 4 wheel drive, pimped out cars or any other vehicles. Saving a penny more from fuel expenses can help you to pay a penny more to your monthly car paymentand anytime helps you to finish your car loan earlier than expected. …