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Where is the fuel filter located?


Where is the fuel filter located on my car? Here is the answer for some cars with pictures tell you where it is located and steps on changing a fuel filter. Usually the fastest and easiest way to locate a fuel filter on your car is refer to the user manual or the car repair manual. However, it is often that a lot of car owner do not know where they put their user manual after some time.

Do not have to worry if you have lost the user manual of your car, there is still many ways to locate your car fuel filter easily. There are mainly two types of fuel system available on majority cars today, which is the carburetor type and the injection type (also known as EFI).

Locate fuel filter for carburetor system

Most of the cars earlier than 90’s are running carburetor fuel system. The fuel filter is usually located near to the fuel line somewhere between the fuel tank and the carburetor. You can trace the fuel filter start from your carburetor, it usually mounted on the engine with bolt nut or mounted to the car body near to engine bay.

Locate fuel filter for injection system

Most of the newer car on the road today has already running fuel injection system. On fuel injected cars, the fuel filter normally mounted under the car in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine. Another common place where most of the car makers will mount the fuel filter is on the firewall in the engine bay. Take note that the fuel line for injected cars is normally made of metal to hold the fuel pressure.

There are some car model having inline filters and internal filters which mate inside your fuel system and fuel tank. Your car may be having these filters if you really find it hard to locate the fuel filters.

Now, your job to change a fuel filter on you car has become easier after you have found the location of fuel filter.

Fuel filter located on some cars

Information here is just some guidelines for the location of a fuel filter according to brand. This is to help you locate the fuel filter in case you have lost your user manual.


For most of the Audi cars, the fuel filter is usually located near to the fuel tank and. Take Audi TT Quattro for example, the fuel filter is located forward of the fuel tank, it is mounted around the right rear wheel well area.


It usually located at the entry of the gasoline tank, below the cover and entry into the fuel tank.


It is mostly can be found under the driver’s door along the frame rail. The look will tell you that is the fuel filter.


Citroen Saxo – It is near the back passenger wheel mounted underneath the car.


Dodge Caravan – The fuel filter mounts to the top of the fuel tank. The inlet and outlet tubes are permanently attached to the filter.


Ford Taurus – try to look at right side in front of the fuel tank.

Ford Expedition – located near to the rear door on the drivers side attached to the outboard side of the tank.

Ford Ranger – Check under the car about in line with the seat.

Ford Mustang 98 – located behind the gas tank and you need a special tool and fuel line remover to change it.


Honda Accord – Depends on model year. Some is located near the fuel tank at the left side under body (usually for 2001, 2002, 2003 models and above). Some is located on the firewall inside the engine compartment. If you can’t find where is the fuel filter located, it may be an inline filter.


Jaguar S type – jack up left front of the car (driver side) and remove the wheel. Remove the plastic inner fender and you will see the fuel filter.


Jeep Cherokee – Some of the Jeeps fuel filter located inside the fuel pump module in the fuel tank. Some is just in front of the fuel tank on the driver’s side.


1995 Mazda Millenia – Located through the trunk of the car. There is an access panel on the passenger side.

Mercedes Benz

2004 Mercedes Benz C320 – Check under the rear driver’s side seat area under the car or behind the wheel well cover on the rear passenger wheel. It usually cover by a black plastic cover.


Toyota Camry, Altis, Yaris – you can always find it inside the engine compartment for Japanese cars.

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If you would like to add in extra information or if you found any information is incorrect, please email us.

There are also some high performance cars having two or more than two fuel filters especially exotic sports cars. It usually located in the fuel tank and on the frame underneath the car or on the firewall. In conclusion, always remember it is not hard to know where is the fuel filter located.
fuel filter location


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