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Where is the fuel filter located on my car?


Here is the answer with pictures tell you where is the fuel filter located on my car. Fuel filter usually located in different place for different cars. However, there is a standard to find out where it exactly located no matter what kind of car you are driving. It always related with fuel tank, fuel lines, and fuel system. Check it out.

Here are the top 3 methods to find out where is the fuel filter located on your car.

Fuel filter location from user manual

The location of fuel filter is stated in the user manual. You will only have to check out on the index page and it will tell you where exactly it located with pictures. If you have lost your user manual, try some other method.

Fuel filter location on fuel injection car

Nowadays most of the car running on the road is using fuel injection system. Do not worry about the location of fuel filter. You can actually trace it easily. Fuel filter usually located under the car in between the fuel tank and the engine. It is connected with fuel line.

Try to locate it at the firewall in the engine bay if you can’t find it under the car. It depends on what car brand you are using. Fuel lines for injection system usually made of metal to hold bigger fuel pressure if compared to carburetor system.

Another possible location is internal filters which hardly see from outside. This kind of inline filters or internal filters is mate inside the car fuel system and fuel tank.

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Fuel filter location on carburetor car

The location of fuel filter on carburetor car is easier to trace. Most of the cars earlier than mid 90’s are running on carburetor fuel system. The objective of a carburetor is to mix the right amount of gasoline with the right amount of air so that the engine runs properly. Fuel filter for most of the carburetor car usually is mounted in between carburetor and fuel tank. You can start trace the filter from fuel tank to fuel lines all the way until the carburetor. You can’t miss it.

Here are some pictures tell you where is the fuel filter located.
fuel filter location


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